Wargaming.net Reveals Its Favourite Real-World Tank Battles [Video]

Wargaming.net Reveals Its Favourite Real-World Tank Battles [Video]

You don’t have to be crazy about tanks to work at Wargaming.net — but it certainly helps. (A cool Eastern European accent wouldn’t go astray either.)

This week, we attended the official Australasian launch of World Of Tanks Blitz in Taipei (look out for a hands-on coming soon-ish). One of the things that really stood out at the event was the terrifying enthusiasm exhibited by the developers for real-world tank history. They’ll literally keep talking about this stuff for hours, or until the listener finds a viable escape route.

It was a bit like that scene in The Virgin Suicides where the dad traps some boys in an attic for a crash-course in World War 2 warfare. Luckily, we happen to love learning about tank battles. Tanks are awesome.

Check out the above video for a taste of tank history, Wargaming.net style.


  • The Battle of Kursk is really the only right answer here. It was an unprecedented battle with hundreds and hundreds of tanks literally charging each other across open fields, clashing with each other so closely they often rammed one another. Soviet and German soldiers at the battle described the earth as if it was literally shaking, cracking and roaring -the smoke so thick that sometimes the combatants could barely even see each other. Both sides fought the battle with their best units, their best equipment, their best generals leading, and fought with all their strength. Of course we shouldn’t glorify the conflict – it was horrific for those in the thick of it, and countless hundreds of thousands died. It was also the turning point – the Germans never regained their confidence or anywhere near the same level of strength after Kursk. When you read about the Battle of Kursk, you wish the Germans and the Russians had recorded more footage – just because it was so interesting, from a history standpoint.

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