Watch Dogs Bug Leaves Some Players Unable To Load Saves

Watch Dogs Bug Leaves Some Players Unable To Load Saves

A number of Watch Dogs players are reporting a major bug that has prevented them from loading save games in the open-world game, which Ubisoft released for PC and consoles last week. The bug, which may or may not be related to the uPlay issues that popped up during launch, appears to make some players' save-loading screens freeze at the 90 per cent mark, rendering their save games completely inaccessible.

Though there's no way to tell how common the bug is, a thread on Ubisoft's forums discussing the 90 per cent freeze issue is up to 163 pages so far, and we've gotten a number of emails and tips from people who have run into the problem.

A Ubisoft representative posted on the forums saying they're aware of the bug, though there's no word on a fix just yet.

In the meantime, one Ubi forum user made some fun new box art for the game:

Watch Dogs Bug Leaves Some Players Unable To Load Saves


    in before all the haters who pretend this has never ever happened on another computer game at launch. And how it is a sign that's this is the worse game launch evaaaaaa. Cough, GTA V, anyone, remember those game save bugs?!

      Not to mention the GTA: Online launch bugs, I literally couldn't play that part of the game for weeks because it wouldn't let me.

    I shouldn't say anything lest I jinx myself, but screw it, I haven't had any problems (bugs/glitches) with it yet.

    If you don't back up your data, you don't care about your data. It's that simple.

    Yeah, I'm going to give it a month or so before I actually start playing and hopefully there's at least one patch in that time...

    I had these issues from day 1, 2 uplay 'repair corrupted files' later and all seems ok. Strangely though it seemed to be the freeze that corrupted the files in the first place, and based on forums I checked the subsequent repair could require anything from 100Mb to 3Gig additional download.

    Side note: It's really effing dumb that uplay lets you choose a directory for your install files but doesn't give you an option to keep them. Even origin does that!

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