Watch Dogs Uplay And Season Pass Issues Fixed?

Watch Dogs Uplay and Season Pass Issues Fixed?

It looks like Watch Dogs might be getting past one of its launch woes. A note sent to me on my PS4 in the "important notifications from PlayStation" part of my inbox indicates that problems with the game's season pass have been fixed. Ubisoft also Tweeted yesterday that "authentication" issues have been resolved, presumably making PC gamers' lives easier.

The PlayStation alert I got appears to refer to some gamers' inability to access the content that is supposed to be ready on launch day with the game's season pass.

A few hours prior to that, the official Watch Dogs Twitter feed appeared to give the all-clear for all Uplay authentication issues which presumably means those that had also been keeping some PC players from logging on to play the game.

If you've been having any Watch Dogs issues on any platforms, please chime in and let us know if things have cleared up. Hopefully, Ubisoft has just made Watch Dogs' players' weekends a little more fun.


    My watch dogs for xbox one is still not working it constantly states that's that's not connected to xbox live even though I am...

    Maybe they will fix the multiplayer issues for pc?

    I hope so, I've only been able to find online races - against tablets, and when I do, the connection drops before I can finish the race.

    I really want to join a proper multiplayer game

    The words 'Early Access' and 'DLC' should never be used together in a sentence.. Yet here we are. Ugh.

    It's weird; I never had any of these problems with Watch Dogs but it's VERY reminiscent of my experiences with Assassin's Creed Black Flag.

      Only issues I had with AC:BF is either the target not appearing or the usual ship disappear/waters parting/rapture bug.

      Asides from the poor performance of W_D, the only issue I've had so far is errors trying to do the online hacking (saying I have the wrong nat type), which appears to be a generic message when their servers are down.

    I've read a few discussions and I'm still angry, i purchased watch dogs, (Took forever) then i attempted to launch it but it said "unable to start Uplay, is it installed?" and so i went on the internet and installed it, (Which wasn't the worst but i still wouldn't have wanted to do it because it had somehow made an account for me through watch dogs and i had to change the password) and then it still doesn't work, and then i realized i have to activate the game, as i do, still doesn't work, and now i hear that the problems have been fixed? Still doesn't work.

    Pft I still can't believe people buy these season passes. it aint worth it! better off purchasing an entirely new game with it and finding some undiscovered game.

    stomping lands looks kinda cool!

    Getting annoying stutter issues. My computer is no slouch. Handles most things fine but locks up sometimes, particularly when driving. Seems to be an issue a lot of PC players are having. Yet another badly optimised port it seems.

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