Watch Kids React To The Luigi Death Stare

The Luigi Death Stare has sort of played itself out now, but I still rank it as the best gaming meme of 2014 so far. The latest episode of YouTube show 'Kids React' is dedicated to the meme, and some of them reacted pretty much the exact same way I reacted when I first saw it. The kid in the yellow t-shirt? That was basically me.

But yeah, you know a meme has truly made it when it gets featured on Kids React. Way more impressive than making it to Fox News, way more impressive.

Even if the Luigi Death Stare isn't funny anymore, watching other people — particularly kids — reacting to it will still allow you to syphon a few last drops of hilarity from the whole shebang.


    Is this what this series has been reduced to?

    Wasn't everybody asking for them to look at the NES?

    Mark! You can't simply bring up "the best gaming meme of 2014 so far" and expect us believe you. I wish to see a solid list of your favourite gaming memes. Of all time if possible!

    ...was that kid named Maxim?

    Last edited 23/06/14 2:40 pm

      The one I liked was Royel.

      It's like he's Clark Kent's long lost brother.

    SWAG hat spotted, prepare the ION cannon

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