Watch Nintendo Executives Literally Fight One Another

Here is a video of Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata fighting against Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime. Nintendo is the weirdest/best.



      Why'd I get downvoted?! Didn't my comment above accurately express speechlesness at what I had just seen? May need to work on my commenting skills...

      I actually thoroughly enjoyed the video.

    What's with the audio. :S

      you don't enjoy watching smash bros while listening to someone eating noodles?

    Nintendo just know how to have fun

    Best thing I have seen this year.
    Nintendo needs a 'bring the fun back' campaign, this is a great start :)

    So Iwata got his ass handed to him, that's why he was out for medical reasons at E3 this year. :P

    Top stuff from nintendo! They have smashed it this e3!


    Here's that damn word "literally" yet again being misused; if it were nintendo executives "literally" fighting one another then they would actually be involved in real life fisticuffs. Literally is NOT always required people!

      Well, they were fighting, I believed it.

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