Watch The Battlefield Hardline Beta In Action

Watch The Battlefield Hardline Beta In Action

Yesterday at E3, EA announced that Hardline, the latest instalment of the Battlefield franchise, would be in open beta immediately. So there's already plenty of cops, robbers and helicopters to see.

Unfortunately, I tried to sign up on the PC, which doesn't seem to be working right now, but luckily my friend robplays, who introduced me to Battlefield, got in on his PS4. Here's a round of Heist mode, where the cops start in a police garage filled with squad cars:

His impressions:

So after getting past the instant outage of PSN when EA announced the Battlefield: Hardline beta, I was finally able to download and give it a try. After a few rounds I found that it runs surprisingly well, considering Battlefield 4's launch. I was able to join matches with no issues whatsoever.

I tried both Heist and Blood Money. Heist plays like capture the flag with two flags, and Blood Money plays like capture the flag with a bunch of tiny flags, which are all money bags that are constantly leaking bills to a comedic extent, by the way.

Both modes were plenty fun, but they were also really confusing due to how hectic they were. This is to be expected when playing against strangers on a public server, but it was a quick reminder that the super cool and coordinated heist we saw at E3 isn't always going to be the norm. The one aspect of the game that could use improvement is the navigation. The maps offer a large bank of drivable vehicles in a city with very little in the way of recognisable features, and while there is a mini-map, I found that it didn't help much in showing me how to get where I needed to go.

Overall it feels like Battlefield in a number of ways, hectic to the point of confusion with random players, but a lot of potential for really satisfying teamwork when playing with friends. As long as EA can manage a launch that's smoother than the last Battlefield, I can see myself picking this up.

You can see the difference in the spawn screen, with money to be spent on gear:

Watch The Battlefield Hardline Beta In Action

And here's a round of the other game mode, Blood Money:

Hopefully there will be plenty to differentiate this from just a Battlefield mod, but I'm definitely looking forward to at least getting some more Super Car Fun in.

To sign up for the Battlefield Hardline Beta, you'll need to log in with an Origin account here, or Battlefield 4 owners can use the Battlefield 4 tab on their console.


    Got sent my beta confirmation this afternoon, so I'll be spending some good time with it over the weekend... Not a fan of Battlefield/COD games in general, but the cops vs. robbers approach piqued my interest.

    edit: assuming the PC version is eventually working =P

    Last edited 11/06/14 2:46 pm

      Uh.. probably not ;)

      Edit. Apparently it is working. That just makes me feel even better about my BF4 purchase -.- I don't think we will ever really 'play' BF4. I don't think I'll be buying another BF game if they can't even fix the last one before making another, regardless of the studio in charge.

      Last edited 12/06/14 12:00 pm

    I can't believe this, I've been supporting BF since 1942 and even gave them a free pass after making no real changes to BF4 from 3 except some shittier net code and "levelution" that's lets be honest was a useless selling point that never amounted to anything useful ingame. Now they come out with a spin off that's lost all sight of everything that made BF amazing and had a shorter development cycle shorter than COD??

    P.s Still unable to play BF4 since latest patch..

    Need the Grappling hook and zipline in BF4. Loved them in BF2.

    Open Beta? The website says not everyone will get access.

    Oh look, this must be the new mod that adds cars to Payday 2's Armoured Transport DLC.

    Is this just a glorified cops and robbers? I mean don't get me wrong, it was a fun game... you know... in kindergarden... Seriously though, is this meant to be a stand alone title?

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