Watch The Metal Gear Solid V PS4 Demo Right Here

Watch the Metal Gear Solid V PS4 Demo Right Here

Have I kept you waiting? Probably not. But Hideo Kojima most certainly has. The Metal Gear Solid creator is showing off the MGSV: The Phantom Pain PlayStation 4 demo in this latest episode of Kojima Station.

The 30-minute demo, which is similar to what was shown at E3, can be seen below:

Update: The stream is now over. We'll update this post with the isolated gameplay footage shortly. Stay tuned!

Update: Here's the 30-minute long isolated clip:

Kojima Station [Konami]


    WTF is with that cardboard box and floating enemies into the sky :|

      ... Have you even played any of the previous games?

        I was more referring to the "comical" animation of it.

    Floating enemies is the 'fulton recovery system'. It was used in Peace Walker as means of sending enemy soldiers back to your base. Eventually they turn and become part of your army. Looks like you can send more than soldiers back now!

    March can't come sooner

    The fact that I can't play this right now has ruined my day. If the rest of the game is as polished as this small piece this could be the closest thing to a perfect game we've ever had!

    at the end when the base is being attacked he says that your online game play will affect this, so im thinking you might be able to attack other peoples bases :) if not they should add that in

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