Watch The Newest Team Fortress 2 Short

Watch The Newest Team Fortress 2 Short

Following a lengthy countdown teaser, Valve unveiled this new Team Fortress 2 short today, along with news that the free-to-play game is getting some new taunts like conga dancing and flipping.

This is their longest short yet. Fifteen minutes! Watch it all here:


    Absolutely fantastic, I'd love if they had a show on adult swim or something like that.

    That is gold, best animation I've seen in ages, clever writing and actually funny too!

    Fantastic. Ashly Burch does a great Miss Pauling.

    Short? That's not what I'd call short.

      A short film means something that isn't feature length. I don't think there's a consensus on what constitutes feature length, but if I think anything short enough to see the whole thing before walking out and demanding a refund during the 15/20 minute grace period most cinemas have would count as a short.

      I'm pretty sure that the Academy refers to shorts as anything under 40 minutes in length, which I would consider too long for a 'shot' personally.

    Good, but I have to say I think it would've been funnier if they'd actually done everyone's dying wishes.

      Though it wouldn't have been a short film and would have lost focus in the story

        I dunno, not like each wish would have to be ten minutes long. To be clear, I mean doing the wishes instead of the date thing.

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