Watch Us Play Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight is out! And if you saw Jason’s excellent review of it, you’ll know it’s definitely worth your time. But how does it play? What does it look like?

Watch as I try to shovel, bounce and jump my way through Yacht Club Games’ NES inspired masterpiece. Thrill as I go from checkpoint to checkpoint! Enjoy the scintillating 8-bit sounds of evil being vanquished with cold hard gardening implements!

Steel thy shovel!


    • Really? Ahh this is one game that makes want a WiiU 🙁 (and I do realise it’s on PC but my PC lagged with Nidhogg so it’s really not a gaming machine!)

  • Maybe you guys should do a report on why there’s no Australian/European release for any nintendo platform. Also maybe on how backers who claimed their codes can’t redeem them because they are for the US store only.

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