We're At E3. Wish You Were Here!

We're At E3. Wish You Were Here!

The Los Angeles Convention Center is covered in video game posters. It's E3 time, everyone. Well, almost... I just shot a few pics and one video that you might like. Have a look!

These are a couple of blocks away from the LACC:

We're At E3. Wish You Were Here!

This is across the street from it. (Is she taking a Titan selfie?)

We're At E3. Wish You Were Here!

And this is right at the Convention Center:

We're At E3. Wish You Were Here!

Here's video, if you prefer:

Oh, and here's the side of the Figueroa, the hotel that used to run massive gaming ads during E3. Not anymore:

We're At E3. Wish You Were Here!

We'll have more from E3 all week long, folks. Get ready.


    Of course Apple have to try and get their grubby little hands in this, can't have any big event without apple's garish reminders that they exist.

      Yeah remember hat year they held their own presentation the day of the E3 conferences? What a pack of dicks

        All in a bag, sticking out of the top like baguettes. (Thanks for the joke Louis C.K. =p)

    You know, I'm quite glad I'm not there. I'm more than happy to let other people gather news for me so I don't need to fight constant panic from the combination of social anxiety and claustrophobia that I get in enormous crowds.

    Thanks Kotaku mineshaft canaries!

    Is that an Assassin with a silenced pistol? Modern Day Assassin's Creed confirmed?

      The far right one in the Unity pic? Not sure it looks like a suppressor but it does look like a modern building behind him.

      As far as I know the earliest pistol suppressors date from WW2 and in general the suppressor was invented in 1902 so if it is one then it's pretty modern. A WW2 era stint in Assassin's Creed could be really interesting, something that could capture the atmosphere of Velvet Assassin only in a game that was less clunky. That game still has one of my favourite WW2 atmospheric moments but damn do the controls and engine make you work to enjoy it.

        Take a look at the video, doesn't look like a suppressor, more like it has multiple barrels like a pepperbox pistol from the 1500s

        There was that email from 4 that said memories don't carry over in vehicles, so a WW2 set game would be unlikely. Or something like that.

      It's a stick. Assassin's creed during the French revolution I believe.

    As much as I like E3 I would never want to go there. I can just sit in my underwear and watch it in comfort.

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