What 500kg Of Nintendo Games Look Like

What 1200 Pounds Of Nintendo Games Look Like

This large cardboard box measures around 122cm x 122cm x 122cm. It is full of Nintendo DS and 3DS games. Around 500kg of them.

Redditor HxCurt, who works at an e-cycling plant, says most of them are Activision's dreadful iCarly 2 on DS, which will never find a home, not at any price. Hence their arrival at this most final of destinations.

Not every game in that box is iCarly 2 though. Go on, blow up the image and start scanning the other carts. It's like the world's saddest game of Where's Wally.

1200lbs of Nintendo DS / 3DS games [Reddit]


    There's a couple of copies of Call of Duty DS...

    I'm pretty sure that there's a copy of Funky Barn in there... Who would throw out Funky Barn!!!?

    Miiverse will be outraged!

    Recycling good idea, don't want someone to come along 20 years later and dig them up in a New Mexico Landfill (re: ET Atari)

    Cut to 20 years later and there's a Kickstarter for a doco to find out whatever happened to the 500kgs of iCarly games.

    Surprised they arent offloaded to a factory that presses pirated DS games - they can just wipe the ROM and re-write it with bootlegs!

    Or not, coz that would be bad

      They did. The pirates weren't very clever, and just re-flashed them with iCarly

    I keep seeing the DS cartridges bigger than they are, so the box seems absolutely giant...

    They should bury them in a desert somewhere and then start a rumour.

    I'd be interested in knowing exactly how much data is stored over the total of these cartridges, and seeing the SD card comparison................

    I'm having a scrooge mcduck moment, I feel like diving into the box and throwing them up like gold coins =D

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