What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What do you do at family occasions, when everyone is sort of sitting around eating biscuits trying to think of something to talk about.

You play Mario Kart 8, that's what.

This weekend I'm heading down to Canberra, with my parents in tow, to hang out with all of my in-laws. ALL OF THEM. This could either end in a Waltons-esque orgy of 'good nights' or we could set the entire city on fire. I'm guessing my best chance of survival is Mario Kart 8. I think that's a safe bet, so I'll be 'karting' my Wii U along with me for the ride.

What are you guys and girls playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!


    Watch dogs, mario kart 8 and a bit of tf2.

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    MK8, also Tomodachi Life is out tomorrow so probably gonna be playing the crap out of that too

    I hear that this game called "Dota 2" is pretty rad. I might check it out.

      Prepare yourself to be abused by Russians.

      (MOD's, why do my comments have to be approved? I am using an account I made)

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    The Forest, MK8 and more MK8 i think...
    EDIT - oh and i've been told there's a new update for Project Zomboid, so i will have to check that out too

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    You should join us in TAY Kart Serrels!

    I'll be playing MK8 and trying to finish off The Night of the Rabbit. Might also return to Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright again.

      You guys have a cup set up?

        Yup! It's a Tournament that runs every day at 7:30. We were getting some decent numbers in the first few days but it's kinda died down a little. Might turn into a weekly thing.

        @powalen has the details :D

      I *still* havent played more than 5 minutes of Layton v Phoenix, and I'm not sure why. Feels weirdly strange and alien. I only just got Miracle Mask and have gotten right into that, so maybe I'll use that as a springboard to finally start LvP? MAYBE

        Go back to LvP! I need buddies :/. It's pretty eh... feels like the average and simple parts of both games thrown together :(. I've been wanting to get into Miracle Mask for ages, don't leave me behindddd!

    Still working on my project. It's taking its time but now I'm more comfortable with all the programs I've never used before and all the important parts have been done. Hopefully I can knock out the whole thing before the 3 day weekend closes.

    Will play a bit of BF4 - the new patch this week seems to have improved things further. Also the new batch of PS+ goodies landed this week, so I'll take a look at Trine 2 and PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate. Downloaded the EA Sports UFC demo last night, so will have a play around with that to see if I like it, too.

    70 Minutes of Bathurst baby! Iracing GT3 series. Star Citizen dog fighting module too. Hopefully its finished downloading, took me all night to even crack the 8 gig mark

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      Just finished AC4 earlier this week. Yeah, the end-game section does definitely drag but the ending is strong enough that you should finish it through.

      EDIT: Oops, meant to be aimed at Zambayoshi.

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    Still going on ACIV on PS4. Great game but tends to drag a little bit.
    PS3 I've entered post-game on Dragon's Dogma and finding a whole new level of challenge.
    Vita - Persona 4 Golden, up to about mid-November and loving it! What a game!

    I'm going to destroy a Baneblade this weekend and kill a champion of Khorne. #rpgs4lyfe

    Playing MK8 on my second screen whilst waiting for queues and garbage in WoW. Really digging MK8 - slow burn - 50cc makes the game feel dull as sin. Once you hit 100cc+ and it starts clicking, it gets way more fun.

      I just went straight to 150cc. Didn't see the point with the lower difficulties! Do I need to play them to unlock crap?

        Actually not sure. I always play through 50cc and work up, just for the completion factor. Rather just get it out of the way.

        I don't think so since trophies for higher ccs count towards the lower ones (Gold in a 150cc cup counts as getting Gold in 100cc and 50cc).

        I did the same thing. I played through all the cups at 150cc, went and did a few on 50cc to see if it unlocked anything. It gave me more characters, which I assume would unlock anyway regardless of difficulty.

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      150cc tournaments are more like Dark Souls on wheels.

    Borderlands 2 and Dragon's Crown on Vita.
    X-com on PS3.

    Actually going to a mates place for a LAN - Mario kart 8, gain ground, tf2, tower defense, CS, payday2 and a smattering of beat em ups. Plenty of alcohol will be the de rigueur

    The game where I buy a new TV and play mario kart for hours with the gf, also I'm taking two days off work next week to chill and watch the E3 coverage.

    Final Fantasy X HD mainly. I'll also be playing a mix of Etrian Odyssey Untold and Demon Gaze as well as finishing off Swords and Sworcery EP.

    Watch Dogs, Mario Kart 8
    and if i finish Watch Dogs (unlikely) Murdered

    After seeing The Witcher Wild Hunt trailer, I wish I was playing that!

    However, I hope I can sneak in some Wolfenstein The New Order (Love it, so far). However, I'm off to Orange for some vino tasting and general relaxing, so Wolf may have to wait.

    Wildstar, Wildstar, Wolfenstein, drinking, Wildstar and then more Wolfenstein.

    Vita Pets... I like this game in a completely non-ironic way... :(

    Picked up Orcarina of Time for my 3ds.
    Never played it before, I remeber hiring it years ago on the N64 but never managed to get out of the village at the start.
    Had a blast with Link Between Worlds, so keen to put some hours in.

    We just got Dark Souls, Max: Curse of Brotherhood and Halo: Spartan Assault free with Xbox Live's "Games with Gold" so I'll give each of them a try over the weekend (mostly Dark Souls I'd say, unless I simply can't bear it).

    Other than that, I want to try and squeeze in more Watch Dogs whenever my wife is napping. She still hasn't started it yet so I can't play it while she's around lest I spoil things for her. She's probably going to play Blood Dragon and Stick of Truth before she even starts on Watch Dogs. I probably would too but I feel obliged to play it while it's new because I dropped so much money on the Dedsec edition.

      South Park and Blood Dragon are two of the funniest games I've ever played.
      I envy your wife getting to experience them for the first time still.

        I'm looking forward to them myself! My pile of shame is about twice hers since she gets more time to play, but my priorities are different.

        I think give it another two years aro so and I would probably have enough games to keep myself occupied forever even if I never bought another game again.

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    I get to run around hoping my bike can get it's tyre patched/replaced, but once that's done I'll probably get to finish my first ever legend of zelda game and play some GTA 3 now it's arrived from ebay.

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