What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It's funny, but E3 has gotten me all excited for the games I'm going to be playing in 2015, but a little less enthusiastic about the games currently sitting on my shelf. What am I going to play this weekend? Hell if I know...

I have a couple of ideas. One is to continue playing Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Mario Kart 8. Both great games that I am enjoying thoroughly.

Another idea is to finally start with Watch Dogs, which I only recently got a copy of.

My third idea is to get stuck into the Battlefield Hardline beta thing.

I also want to play InFamous: Second Son, which I badly need to catch up on.

Actually, now that I think about it. That's a pretty awesome list of games to choose from.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Watch Dogs. Might rebuy Red Dead Redemption again too. Getting a hankering to play through it again.

      Hey, are you guys getting any graphics glitches with Watchdogs?

      I'm just seeing a lot of walls and stuff appearing on roads.

      I'm on pc with a 2gb Nvidia Gigabyte 750ti. Just wondering whether it's just my card or if any patches are out?

    Mostly Watch Dogs, also some PVZ: GW if I get a chance.

    Just got the Alpha code for Destiny so I'll crank that on the PS4. That and I'm still playing Titanfall (PC). Maybe some Mario Kart 8. What's more likely is I'll have so many weekend chores I won't get a chance to play anything. Getting old and responsible sucks.

      Damnit! I still haven't gotten my code. Are they only choosing some people for the Alpha????

      Got mine as well!
      My brother got one but not my younger brother I think they only came out to PS+ Members by the looks of it ?

    Will look to give the Destiny Alpha a run, basically this will determine if I want Destiny or not... at the moment I'm in the not really caring about phase.

    Trying to clean up some backlog also, so God Of War II on the PS3 is looking to be finished, as well as MotoGP 13 on the Vita.

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    BF4 on the 360. Sadly enough I gave it until now before I purchased it hoping that 99% of the bugs/crashes I heard about on the internet were patched.


    I'll try and give it another shot after last nights dismal 4 / 6 games freezing on me. :(

    Destiny Alpha.

    And outside of that, I finally got around to starting Nier so more of that.

    maybe some D3

    Finishing off my project. Nearing the end.

      Sounds super funs. At least you're almost done.

        Yeah. I can't wait to upload it to Youtube and get it torn to shreds.

    Thinking I'll finish off Wolfenstein and play Braid!

    There will definitely be bouts of Mario Kart with my 3yo son. He's able to finish all 3 laps of the tracks now, so hopefully I can get him to improve to the point where's actual competition...right.

    But otherwise too many games. I'm currently simultaneously playing and trying to finish Rage, The Wolf Amongst Us, Phoenix Wright 3DS, Spelunky (via hell), Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze.

    Meanwhile, I'm dating a virgin, I'm in this contest - something's gotta give!

    I think I'm gonna be taking my Xbone in to EB Games to ship off for repairment/replacement. Busy weekend any way, so not too much gaming other than some FIFA tonight.

    Console is doing a weird thing where when powering on, it powers on for half a second and dies. Once it's on though, it stays on. It's just it can take up to half an hour to get it turn on sometimes. Grrr

      Hmm mines start squeaking from time to time, was thinking of shipping it away, maybe will wait until Dry July.

    Wildstar, level 15 last weekend, jumping in this weekend to see what else the game has to offer.

    So far I haven't fallen asleep so that's a good sign. I play a lot of different games and most hit a snooze button for me.

    Otherwise I may pick up the forest or something on steam since every ones playing that and I've been too busy to join in the hype last week or so, but better late than never.

    Finishing off my 360 back catalogue... Just 100%ed Darksiders 2, gone back to finish Darksiders 1 and remembering why I put it down...

      Really? I 100%ed Darksiders 1 a couple of years ago, enjoyed that, then recently forced myself to finish Darksiders 2. I couldn't stand it. Too derivative of God of War, not derivative enough of Zelda for my tastes.

        For me it's all the portals that's killing it for me. Too frustrating/outright infuriating when required in combat. That and the health system. Just finished the Black Tower last night and the portal based fight felt far too luck based and I think I've picked up and put down the game about 3 times during that tower along. I just liked how Darksiders 2 felt more customizable (gear + skill point builds). They also stepped out the new gadgets and things and the portals were scaled back in a good way.It makes me really optimistic for the Nordic Games DS3!

          Yeah, I'm really curious about what Darksiders 3 is gonna be like under new developers. With any luck we'll get to see it in a year or two.

    Mark, if you enjoyed inFamous and inFamous 2, you'll find Second Son very familiar... I did enjoy it. Not revolutionary, but a fun diversion. I need to complete my evil playthrough, might do some of that this weekend when I'm not watching fitba.

    That or more Child of Light.

    My weekend will be like this....
    Wildstar...Study....Wildstar....Melb TAY meetup...study....Wildstar....sleep

    If I play anything it will be Splinter Cell: Ironsidelined.

      I've been hammering the Spies vs Mercs lately - I will be back on tonight

    Far Cry 3 to try and satisfy my Far Cry 4 hyypeeee!

    Also, Mortal Kombat.

    Wildstar! Really enjoying it so far, hope it lasts unlike the last 4 MMO's I tried to replace WoW with :o

    I'm playing with myself. Erm, I meant playing by myself. With my PS4.

    Friend just went through a break up so my gf told her to come over on the weekend to play MK8 as it is guaranteed to make her feel better! I support this notion.

    I also picked up Dragons Dogma and looking for a chance to play it.

      Loved Dogma

        I read that as "Loved Dogging". I think there's something wrong with me.

          I have fond memories of dogging too.

            Theres a spot in guildford area in Perth, well there used to be like 15 years ago :| Gee's im old

        About 120 hours into Dogma. Just starting my third playthrough to get the Hero trophy and platinum. Love the game, especially the character customisation. My PC is so hot :-)

          I gave up fighting the Ur Dragon on my second playthrough, awesome game would have loved it if a mate could bring join game as their pawn. I still remember going out at night for the first time.

    I intend to continue ignoring all my new games in favour of replaying oldies for some reason!

    Will probably finish replaying Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty this weekend. That is if I don't get too distracted by Wind Waker HD.

    Too much choice this weekend, Mario Kart 8, Finish off Pikmin 3, Watch Dogs, try BF: Hardline, and gonna have to give the Destiny alpha a try, I will also be watching the World Cup.

    Watchdogs although my most desired feature was not included...SO wished they let you hack friends games!!!

    Also Trials of course. I've decided to complete the Top Roach Challenge this weekend. No idea if I'll do it but will be fun trying.

      I'm digging the Hacking/ Invading stuff, but it would have been nice to be able to specifically pick friends instead of randoms.

    I'll give the Destiny alpha a crack, but if I lose interest in that, it'll be Watch Dogs.

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