What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What am I playing? I'll tell you what I'm not playing. The Destiny Alpha. Sob. I'll tell you what I am going to play: EA UFC Sports.

I've only put roughly an hour into EA Sports UFC, but I like it. It's one of those games I think I'd find it hard to not enjoy on some level, the kind of game I'll probably put on when friends are over because it's relatively simple and accessible and fun to watch.

But if I get time to myself? I have this idea that I might pick up on Wind Waker HD on the Wii U. I started playing this when it came out late last year, but I got distracted by... I think it was Assassin's Creed IV. I still reckon it might be the best looking game ever made on any platform.

I'm also intrigued by Entwined, the indie game PS4 game that Sony showed onstage at E3. If I have time I'll give that a bash as well.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Trying to collect the last of the Titan Runestones for my lock on WoW while this 2 week buff is up.
    Apart from that, loads more ArmA 3 Breaking Point with mates, as well as attempting and subsequently ragequitting trying to 3 star more 150cc cups on MK8.

    Any time not doing these things will probably be more time on my PSP with FF Type-0 and yet another Peace Walker playthrough.

    Ask Steam because only they know the answer to that one. Got 2 bargains already including Summoner though.

    I'm going to try and squeeze in some of my backlog before the Steam sales absolutely destroy me. I still have to try out Big Bank for Payday 2 so that will happen.

    Red Dead Redemption on 360.

    Also picked up Unreal and Unreal 2 in the GOG sale so I'll be playing through those too ^_^

    Might play Elder Scrolls: Morrowind on Xbox.

      I suddenly have the urge to mod a pc version and go nuts.

    Still working on my project. But I'm nearing the end and might only need a couple minutes more of recording to do and to finish editing.

      What is it?

        Either tell us what the stinkin' project is or stop posting about it every week and just tell us when you're actually playing something.

    Hopefully have finished off fully completing God Of War II on the PS3. Have been going back to 100% some of the backlog.

    Vita, plugging away at MotoGP 13 and hope to be close to finishing that also.

    The other game on rotation is PixelJunk Shooter on both Vita and PS4.

    Gave entwined a go a day after it comes out, it's a pretty game but gets old fairly quickly.

    I picked up ufc yesterday, it's one of those games that becomes more and more enjoyable as you begin to understand its complexities, ground game seemed so dense at first but I think I'm beginning to understand it now

    Final Fantasy X HD and a mix of Demon Gaze and Etrian Odyssey Untold. Plus I'll be playing the "When are the games I want on Steam the cheapest" game. It's kind of like the stock market really.

    PS4 finishing off Assassin's Creed Black Flag. Wondering when I will get the Aveline mission...

    PS3 finished Dragon's Dogma and now into inFamous 2 evil playthrough. Enjoying it so far.

    Vita , I'm 104 hours into my first P4G playthrough, just about ready for Christmas date with Yukiko or Rise...

    Oh, so much gaming this weekend, I'll start off with

    Donkey Kong Country Returns (thanks to @jimu) If I get through that, I'll make a start on Deus Ex: Human Revolution (thanks to @shane), a bit of Ricky Ponting Cricket 2007 (thanks to @batguy), and I'll have to try and squeeze in some Mario Kart with TAYbies and some Dino Horde with @pixel_the_ferret_viking, @tigerion, and (maybe) @powalen.

      I'll be playing AC:IV, at least for a while, thanks to you, man! \o/

    i am watching afl most of weekend then play nba2k14 hopefully battlefield 3 skyrim and black ops 1

    UFC 2014, after 2 days of trying to get my GameFace working (I refused to start career until it was) I finally started my career last night, needless to say it looks nothing like me anyway haha. The TUF tournament/bootcamp you start on has already proven a challenge I imagine it only gets worse once in the UFC, like you mark it will be one of those games that come out when have friends over . Finished Watch_Dogs last night 98%....damn drinking games!

    I’ve already bought it because I’m a UFC nut and will want it no matter what, but I’m pretty pissed at EA Sports for putting an embargo on reviews that last until AFTER the game is out and at the games media for respecting that.

    IGN have had the game for long enough to review it but have said openly that they’re holding out for the embargo to lift. That’s disgusting when the product is on the streets and their own readers, who’ve been subjected to tons of hype through their own articles, are now able to freely purchase the game.

    If EA have no faith in their own product (I’m sure it’s good but not great, that’s what the few early reviews have said anyway) then that’s their problem. I’m fine with companies putting embargos on reviews that may result on hype being lost because of a long delay between the review and the on-sale date (stopping the media from reviewing a month early for example), but once the product is being sold to anybody anywhere on the planet EA should be told to get f*cked.

    Speaking of which, any idea when we will see a final verdict from Kotaku @markserrels ?


        That review is super inaccurate.

          I don't think anything is inaccurate in it. What do you think I got wrong?

    The Witcher, Professor Layon vs. Phoenix Wright, Pullblox World and maybe The Wonderful 101!

    So much EA Sports UFC. I put a solid 6 or so hours in last night and really enjoyed it.

    Finished up replaying Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty last weekend. This weekend it's all about Snake Eater =3

    Thief and Volgarr the Viking with ma sexually sexual new xbone controller


    Going to be out all day tomorrow but I've taken Monday off work to compensate. I will probably play the games we picked up via games with Gold (except Dark Souls because seriously I hate it, sorry) and maybe try and get back to Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. I should also try out Thief at some point, while it's just sitting there.

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