What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Believe it or not, I actually love the down period of June leading into July. The lack of new releases gives me the chance to play catch up on games I missed out on initially, or didn't get the chance to finish. At the moment, for example, I'm playing through Wind Waker HD on the Wii U.

But there is one new release that I'm planning to play: Valiant Hearts. It came out... yesterday I think? And I managed to play the first hour or so late last night before hitting the hay. I'm a really big fan of World War I history, and and even bigger fan of the UbiArt engine thing. This game is tailor made for me and I can't wait to get properly stuck in over the weekend. I am prepared for tears. Just the E3 trailer itself had me sobbing for God's sake.

So that'll be my weekend. Gawking at Wind Waker's gorgeous waves one second, weeping in the fetal position the next.

Should be a helluva weekend.

What are you guys and girls playing?


    I'll be playing some Breaking Point, some LoL ARAMs and probably some BattleBlock Theatre

    I'm playing Valiant Hearts. So beautiful. Easily shaping up to be a game of the year contender for me. Probably will play Transistor as well. HOORAY FOR STEAM SALES.

      Finished it today, but I'll be spending the weekend going back through chapters and finding the collectables I missed.

    I'll probably be playing through Avatar the burning earth or Deadpool

      Deadpool is awesome!. Game is ok too.

    More Witcher, more Paradox Grand Strategy games

      I've been trying to get into playing Crusader Kings 2 and EUIV but I just can't get my head around the whole interface and how to play it, and I find the tutorials border on hopeless.
      I really want to play them for the grand storylines that eventuate, but just can't get into it, with quitting with a quizzical look on my face, and returning to Med2TW.
      Any tips or advice or websites or anything for me?

        Tutorials are fucking awful.

        Good start are the videos of quill18: https://www.youtube.com/user/quill18

        For CK2, start as Munster in 1066.

        Hit me up on twitter at @redartifice too, I can answer some qs.

          Cheers mate, I'll check out some youtube vids like the one you've suggested. Like you say, the tutes are awful, at least watching a youtube video you can actually see someone playing and what they click on and how things tie together.
          Not on twitter pal, but thanks for your replies, hopefully I'll get a chance to have another go at them this weekend.
          One final Q, which do you prefer, CK2 or EUIV?
          And separate from that q, which do you think is easier to start with?
          Thanks mate, appreciate your time

            EUIV is probably a little easier. I prefer CK2- played more of it, started it there, and the dynastic stuff gives it some personal drama.

              Coolio, didn't get a chance to play it over the weekend but I'll give EU a crack to try and get my head into the Paradox game style. Thanks champ

    I'm stuck with nothing but the Wii U this weekend so I'm thinking Skyward Sword and knocking off the final 3-star wins on the 150cc Mario Kart 8 cups I need. Maybe some Pikmin 3 too.

    Nerf Guns are on the cheap at Target at the moment, so will probably be shooting people...

    I was going to play the Warmachine: Tactics beta but I don't think my current specs can play it. I thought since it's a turn based system that the requirements wouldn't be that high. Probably be fiddling around to see if I can get it to work.
    If not, I have the real game to play.

    Aside from that, probably some Halo: Reach or painting. Finishing off my project needs priority as well.

    Payday2, Warcraft, DA: Origins... maybe some witcher 2

    Door Kickers! This thing is awesome, some of the most fun short gameplay I've had in ages. It's like the bastard lovechild of Frozen Synapse & the original Rainbow Six's planning phase. As a bonus, it even runs well on my piece of crap laptop!

    It's the sort of game that looks like it should be a mobile game at first glace (and with some work it'd be a good one), right down to having 3 star ratings for levels but then as soon as you dig into it, it's complexity and challenge become obvious and you spend all night trying to figure out the best tactic to rescue that bloody ambassador in the Solomon Islands Embassy mission before he's executed. Turns out that there's no time for finesse, no flashbangs, just kick the door down and hose the room with bullets and get the sniper to drop a guy as you breach for extra safety. From then on it's a straight hostage rescue & exterminatus job (also: woo! Functional spoiler tags!)

    Sometime tomorrow, @longjocks and I will be kicking off our quest to kill a shitload of Germans and Italians in northern Africa by shooting them in the face and giggling while their skulls explode. Then if there's time afterwards, we'll probably play Sniper Elite 3.

      Sniper Elite 3 would happen tonight if they were allowing the PC version to be played on the release date and all. Unless you want to grab a console version? I jest of course, since I'm patient enough to wait, but it's hard not to be irritated to an extent. People who are buying it in store seem to already be complaining.

        Yeah well, that was obviously posted in a more optimistic time! It's looks like we're left with no choice but to go & kill Germans and Italians for real.

        It's just when we were playing V2 like last night, there was no way to kill Hitler in coop, Rebellion clearly loves Hitler, the monsters!

    I should finish off Professor Layon vs. Phoenix Wright today which leaves my weekend open for some Witcher, Pullblox World and possibly BattleBlock Theatre, Risk of Rain or The Wonderful 101.

    Too many new Steam games :(

    Fallout New Vegas, Hearthstone, and possibly Wonderful 101. Hey @markserrels make sure you get the swift sail. Auction house on windfall island. You'll never have to manually change the wind's direction again.

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    I bought Tom Clancy Spinlter Cell Blacklist on steam. It's really good. Haven't played one before. Nice and challenging.

      There's a lot to say about Splinter Cell and how Ubisoft treated the franchise...

      My Xbox locked up on me when I was close to finishing that game. Haven't gotten around to loading it again since. Actually, my Xbox has grown to enjoy the odd lock-up over the last year or so, but this game seemed to trigger it more than usual.

      It's pretty neat, but you HAVE to go back and play Chaos Theory. One of my all time favourites, and mechanically it still holds up pretty well.

    The Walking Dead Season 2, loving my point and click at the moment lol

    I'll be on Minecraft (PS3), Dragon's crown and maybe a bit of Puppeteer.

    Im going to be playing through Sniper Elite 3. Been looking forward to it.
    I heard there was a 10gb patch, but my patch said 16gb, lucky it let me play at about 30% install

    Wolfenstein and maybe a bit of Witcher 2.

    Woe is the poor muggins with no internet during steam sale...

    So... likely Rocksmith 2014 (started concentrating on Rhythm role to get my chord transitions smoother) and some Witcher 2. Maybe some Anno 2070 (depending on how crippled it is without an internet connection).

    God Of War II (PS3) - Need to finish the final Challenge Of The Titans, not getting hit is a bitch!

    MotoGP 13 (Vita) - Need to put in about an hour for the final online trophy to have this completed.

    PixelJunk Shooter (Vita) - Slowing progressing, currently upto Episode 4, given my current rate of completion, this should be finished by the end of next week.

    Perfect timing to then get the Ratchet Trilogy on Vita and start playing through them again. Will also have Gaucamelee Ultimate Edition is out next week and then will be stoked for the Oddworld remake towards the end of July.

      Good luck with the challenge of the titans, it's a bitch but man is it rewarding to finish and then never touch again

    Final Fantasy X-2 mixed with some Etrian Odyssey Untold and Demon Gaze. I'll also be watching a bunch of runs in the Summer Games Done Quick marathon.

      I'm still going with FFX trying to collect the last few celestial weapons and ultimate armours! I remember how much I hated that chocobo race the first time, all that damn blitzball and dodging lightning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did I decide my first platinum had to be that game!

        ha yeah that dodge the lightning was the closest to a broken controller i've had in ages, in about 5 years before or since.
        The blitzball I find surprisingly enjoyable, more so than a lot of the FF minigames from other titles.
        Though it can become rather easy once you have a half decent team and have sorted out your tactics.
        "With ball, go towards defenders. Wait till they come for you a bit and slam it into reverse to draw him/her out. Throw pass to winger/forward now in empty space behind them. Score."

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    Starting Witcher again. I gave up after the first quest finished up but I really want to explore the game world. Now if I can only keep my hands off my girlfriend long enough to actually get some gaming in...

    Won't have a lot of time to game because of work, and school holidays starting, so many games to choose from though thanks to the Steam sale. Most likely some Mario Kart and Dino Shooty Bang Bang with TAYbies, not sure if I'll have time for anything else, I'll see how I go, really should get back into Watch Dogs though.

    I shall be plowing through Wolf Among Us. Been on my wishlist for a while and finally got it on the Steam Sale for $9. Love them Telltale series. I think that's the reason the mouse was invented.

    Tempted to pre-order sniper elite 3 in steam sale but regardless Mario Kart 8 woo!

    Got mass effect 1/2 on steam for like 9 bucks gonna try and play that but I do seem to lose interest in pc Games much faster then console, steam sale 9 bucks who cares right lol

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