What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?

I'm imagining countless thin old men on expensive leather couches pondering the responses to this for years to come.

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    I would demand blueberries on my pancakes.

    I'd lay off the drugs :/

    Who is Ganandorf?

      If some chap called Ganadorf walked into my room and woke me up, id freak the fck out

    Actually this made me think - has Ganondorf been officially revealed as a character for the new Smash Bros? I mean, it seems a given he'll be in it but still...

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      Not yet! Neither has Captain Falcon. But historically, the secret characters are never announced officially.

      Let's hope he's not just a Captain Falcon clone this time.

    I'd go downstairs and eat pancakes with Ganondorf. Easy. Next.

    Look around for my emergency master sword and cut his arse in two

    Wonder how he got into my Locked apartment.

    Then hit him with my tactical flashlight until he stops moving.

    I would say "So, you are aware that my mother is on the other side of the planet right now... right?"

    I'd honestly be more worried that someone had let my mother into my house than that Ganondorf had got into my house, had some sort of relationship with her and had purchased and brought with them the ingredients for pancakes.

    I would attack him with my +2 Sword.

    Congratulate him on speaking with actual words, instead of just grunting and relying on the on-screen text box.

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