Where Did All The Titanfall Players Go? To Watch The World Cup

Where'd All the Titanfall Players Go? To Watch the World Cup.

Briefly: Titanfall is a great game, one that's capable of captivating players for hours on end. But the World Cup only happens every four years. As this chart of simultaneous players in Europe during yesterday's matches shows, sometimes red cards and free kicks take precedence over Burn Cards and unlocks.


    Vamos Colombia!

    New update for titanfall: multitask playing the game whil watching football in a miniscreen in the titan

    Gees, that's why titans can operate without pilots.

    Titanfall has been dead in Australia for weeks. On PC at least.

      Unfortunately true, well until the free weekend, now that is over....

      for months

        Certainly makes me reconsider online only titles in Australia going forward.

          I think it's more the PC in this case.... PC gamers just don't have the same numbers as the mindless COD munching console peasants...
          Personally I stopped playing Titanfall after a few hours because it was boring and repetitive not because the lack of players (though it definitely didn't help)

      Wow, that happened quick. I was thinking of picking it up when it was on sale. Glad i didn't now.

      Went to have a quick game last night for the first time in weeks and noticed this...can't even play the new DLC as the system couldn't find anyone to match me with!

    The xone Titanfall community is still strong in Aus. Because there's nothing else worth playing on it!

    I love random data posts like this. That is cool

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