Why Phantom Dust's Xbox Comeback Matters

Most folks never got a chance to play Phantom Dust the first time around when it came out for the original Xbox in 2005. So, when Microsoft announced it was getting a remake at E3, a lot of people were confused. "What is Phantom Dust?" I heard a lot of people say. Well, wonder no more.

I went and busted out my old copy of Phantom Dust and made a video attempting to explain the game. I get into why it's brilliant, why it failed and why cult games like it will never truly go away.


    God. Dammit.

    Stop with the Phantom Dust stuff. I always misread it as Phantom Crash and then I get my heart broken again. I can't handle it anymore. =(

    Put it this way, it and Scalebound at least make the Xbox a console for me to consider.

    Last edited 24/06/14 12:21 pm

      I've got to say, that Scalebound trailer left me absolutely cold. Don't know if I could put up with another douche main character so soon after DmC.

        Heh yeah, cocky douche character in trailer aside, it's made by Platinum and they've yet to make a bad game. So hoping trailer was just for show to appeal to some strange Xbox demographic.

        It's possible that the main character (in Scalebound) is just a stand in and the game allows you to make your own character. Despite the character I liked what I saw in the game.

        Last edited 24/06/14 1:45 pm

    What about shenmue then? You punk mother fuckers!

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