Wolfenstein: The New Order Was As Surprising As It Was Excellent

Briefly: Wolfenstein: The New Order was as surprising as it was excellent. Mostly because nobody actually expected it to be so excellent. Giant Bomb has a great interview with the game's creative director that explains how they tackled franchise fatigue, got away with death camps and reinvigorated a franchise.


    Cool article.

    Kotaku needs Like/Dislike buttons for the actual articles. It probably wont stop clickbait articles thats only purpose is to generate more ad revenue, but it least it will make them self aware of the reputation they're building.

    Despite the lackluster article, which is a very common theme around Kotaku...

    I was intensely bored of Wolfenstein by the time I got my first gun.
    The shoddy, jittery, stuttering gem the PC version was/is probably didn't help the matter... but it all felt so damn generic.

    I don't think I'll be revisiting it any time soon.

      It's a shame you won't give it a second chance. The first chapter is known to be very mediocre, then the story starts to kick some serious ass after a horrible decision you have to make.

        Hmm, maybe I'll give it a chance if they can sort out the performance issues on the PC version.

    the death camp level was far too tame really. there were no rail thin prisoners anywhere as everyone in the camp was actually rather healthy looking weight wise. Secondly there were no human skinned lamps or anything else.

    What it did look like however was a Labour Camp that unemployed germans would work in

    Ignore the tools who don't know/understand/care what Kotaku actually is and only whine about what it isn't.

    Good link. It was an interesting interview that I wouldn't have read otherwise because I don't (and won't) follow GiantBomb, and linking instead of copy-pasting or doing another follow-up interview of your own means GiantBomb gets the clickthroughs for their original work on this subject. That's integrity.

    I'm glad that the aggregator I do bother to follow - Kotaku - is able to both spend time to do their own in-depth articles, AND link me to items of interest that aren't covered by the site's contributors directly. It's useful to me. I don't have the time to follow two dozen gaming blogs/news sites to make sure I only see original contributions at their original source.

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