Xbox One Controller's Rainbow Lights Are So Pretty

Video: Watch the PDP company's new Xbox One Afterglow controller cycle through the rainbow. It's art! The PDP people say they're using a new peripheral lighting technique instead of having the glow emerge from the centre of the controller. $US24.99. Out early 2015.

Xbox One Controller's Rainbow Lights Are So Pretty


    Oh wow. I'll have two in red thanks. Would love to these glow to what's going on in game.

    May be anoying if you cant turn it off

      From my experience with their 360 model, there is a little button on the back that cycles it through pulsing, off and on. It was distracting when there wasn't much ambient light in the room. And the controller was avg.

      Still, sold for the pretty lights O.O

      Last edited 12/06/14 10:52 am

    Ooo so pretty. Will for sure pick one up if they're promoted locally.

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