Yep, This Wii U Exclusive Is Definitely Getting An M Rating

Yep, This Wii U Exclusive Is Definitely Getting an M Rating

Thongs. Booze. Many, many stabbings. Drum solos. How the hell is this game on the Wii U?

When news broke earlier today that over-the-top shooter Devil's Third would be coming out for the Wii U and only the Wii U, it was accompanied by a chunk of livestreamed gameplay. While that was nice, it didn't do much to show how metal this game is trying to be. This trailer does the trick. Tomonobu Itagaki must've punched a substitute teacher when he was in high school. Right in the face, I'm guessing.


    Looks like a spiritual successor to Red Steel's Nintendo console legacy!

      Que? We already had Red Steel 2. And the spiritual successor that actually came from Ubisoft already in ZombiU.

        Did ZombiU have katana play? Guns? Hacking up legions of mooks?

        That's where I'm coming from, not necessarily that it's actually from the same devs.

          Ahk. My perspective is more that this just doesn't "feel" like Red Steel at all :P

          There was a kind of similar vibe to those other games. And they were all kind of ground-floor entries on showing off the new tech (wii remote, motion plus, gamepad).

    Looks good, but I don't see myself buying a Wii U for it.

    "How the hell is this game on the Wii U?"

    That wouldn't sound at all like someone generalising the WiiU to "kids games" would it? WiiU already has at least 1 R rated game I know of, it doesn't surprise me that they're finally using it as a full platform instead of a gimmick.

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