Yep, Waiting For Star Wars: Battlefront Is Going To Be Pretty Tough

Yep, Waiting for Star Wars: Battlefront Is Going to Be Pretty Tough

EA only showed a few slivers of gameplay footage from their upcoming Stars Wars game. But damn if it doesn't make you want to get on a speeder bike on Endor.

The Star Wars: Battlefront segment that opened EA's press conference was meant to convince people that they're taking the responsibility of making Star Wars games very seriously. It's a decent show of good faith, but the prospect of waiting a whole year to even just see more is a daunting prospect


    But... but... there are stupid trees in the way!

    I am more interested in space combat.

    Im happy to wait, Battlefield 4 and Hardline can stumble so that Battlefront can stand.

    Archive for the Original Trilogy:
    A giant warehouse full of models, props, puppets, costumes etc.

    Archive for the Prequel Trilogy:
    A small cabinet with a rolled-up green screen and some computer hard drives.

      You say that if its bad thing?

    There were miniatures used in the Prequel Trilogy too.

    I'm going to trust that if anyone can make a quality Battlefront it's DICE!

    I've been waiting to see more since the teaser. And this is what I got for my patience. My hype meter is at absolute 0, and I hate to say that. When they finished with the reveal I literally said to my friend "That's it?" and they just looked at me blank faced as if to say "What..."

    I speak only for myself but I gotta say I gave 0 damns about what their team was doing or who they were. Most of that trailer, to me, was just them going places and taking video. I'm sorry guys but I want to see the game. That's what I've been waiting for. (yes I know, unpopular opinion. :P)

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