Yes, Far Cry 4 Lets You Ride Elephants

Yes, Far Cry 4 Lets You Ride Elephants

Like its predecessors, Far Cry 4 will let you get your kill on in a quiet and stealthy fashion. But who wants to do that when you can ride an elephant, smash through gates and bust shotgun shells at fools?

The video above from PlayStation Access showcases two very different approaches to playing through a section of Ubisoft's upcoming open-world FPS. Crossbows are always cool, yes, but getting all king-of-the-jungle on a surprisingly obedient pachyderm who you just met? That's pretty fun.


    took a lot of money to ruin the guy in the red shirt, but they did

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    So elephants are easier to build in 3D than women?

      Depends on how big the woman is?

        Mecha Barbara Streisand would have been sweet...

    Yes sir I want to fire gatling guns & rpgs off my new elephant, ftw

    Man I hope that is on super easy mode or god mode or something... Walking into open combat like that...This is not Farcry.

    Yet Blood Dragon, FC3 and FC2 both featured it.
    The open combat that is. The legacy of Far Cry 1 is gone.

    I just hope that its not a rushed game. Things rarely work out when they are forced.

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