You Have An Extra Week To Play The Beta Of Battlefield Hardline

You Have An Extra Week To Play The Beta Of Battlefield Hardline
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Briefly: The preview test of EA’s upcoming cops-vs-robbers FPS was supposed to end this Thursday, but the publisher just announced that it’s extending it it until June 26.


  • Played the beta. . . I dunno, theres something missing from it.
    Its good, but it feels hollow.

    • I found it to be missing some things, yes it’s beta but they gameplay just didn’t feel right. I might give this one a pass.

  • Yay! People have been hating on this game so hard, and yes, it does feel like a mod for BF4 but Visceral’s singleplayer campaign looks rad as fuck. That being said I have been really enjoying the multiplayer, even if its something I’ve done 160 hours of in the past

  • Yay, might be able to play more than 2m of it after school finishes next week. That being said, it really does just feel like a BF4 expansion pack, from what little I’ve admittedly played. It just felt like BF3: Aftermath but without the city in shambles.

  • BF4 is still terrible, and only PS4 gets the beta for the next battlefield? Really making it hard for me to keep you on my radar Dice…

    • PC gets the cops and robbers BF Beta too. Played a bit but like above just feels hollow. Only thing that could possibly get me to look at another BF game is bad company (done right)

  • Yay, I can play the even more to become even more bored of it and not want to play the full version. Saving money :3

  • I actually got a lot of fun out of it. Really liked Heist mode.

    I think some people ignore the fact it’s a beta with a lot of stuff missing.

    The biggest issues for me was the 10 tick netcode made it sucky like bf4 at times. It’s just not good enough. There’s other little issues, like limited grapling hooks ect.

    I wish for this beta they opened it up to another map for the final week, or even upped the tick rate, which apparently the final game will have. There’s nothing more I can get out of the beta.

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