You Should Watch This 12 Minute Retrospective On Grim Fandango

I think we can all agree that one of the actual genuine surprises coming out of this year's E3 was the announcement that Grim Fandango was coming to PlayStation platforms all fancy and remastered. In the wake of this news, Sony has released a really cool 12 minute retrospective documentary thing. You should watch it.

My favourite part is the presence of a beardless, fresh faced 1995 Tim Schafer with some seriously bouncy hair.

It's actually really fascinating, particularly for people like myself, who played and loved the original, and also loved adventure games in general.


    Great great little vid. So 90's! Also Tim was way more self conscious back then. I like new age, confident Tim better

    Sony - "This was made possible by our good relationship with Disney"
    - Disney owns Marvel
    - Sony owns Spiderman
    Spiderman confirmed for Avengers 3

    This man has produced so many of my formative gaming experiences its crazy. What a beast.

    That was a good watch.

    Also was it just me or did Tim seem a little like he was close to tears a lot?

    Am I the only one who saw 1995 Tim Shafer, and did a double take thinking it was @blaghman?

    so glad they're remaking it - i remember i tried to replay it 5 years ago or so, and the bit where you needed to start an elevator and then drive the forklift into the door halfway up to stop it never worked - the elevator animation went so quick you literally couldn't even get from the elevator controls over to the forklift before the elevator had reached it's destination

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