Zelda Arse-Kicker Gets Her Overdue Time In The Spotlight

Zelda Arse-Kicker Gets Her Overdue Time In The Spotlight

Impa, one of the Zelda universe's most under-appreciated badasses (at least in Sheikah form), is getting her due in the upcoming Hyrule Warriors.

Having only appeared in this guise in two Zelda games (Ocarina and Skyward Sword), she's got some time to make up for. And by time, I mean killing.


    Cool! each video i see gets me more excited about this game. Hopefully it exceeds my expectations as a new comer to the dynasty warrior style series!

    Am hoping this will be a good game.

    How many characters revealed so far?

    Link, Zelda, Impa & Midna with a magic spell casting girl on the cover.

    I'm hoping you get some Majora's Mask characters or transformations because playing as a Goron or Dark Deity Link would be awesome.

      Supposedly 2 new characters, Agitha from Twilight Princess, and Lana (new).


    Check out Link with the Fire Rod


    I feel really weird saying this, but I do hope there's a few more male characters.

    the other question remains is will the Western release get similar special edition bonus items as Japan?
    I do want that scarf & think they'll be plenty of Western consumer demand for such a bundle.

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