Zelda's Quite The Warrior Princess In Hyrule Warriors

Zelda's Quite The Warrior Princess In Hyrule Warriors

Yesterday, we got to see Impa in action. Today, it's Princess Zelda's turn to show off her arse-kicking ability in the upcoming Zelda hack-and-slash game, Hyrule Warriors.

In one minute, we get to see the Hylian princess take on a small army using quick, acrobatic swordfighting and devastating magic alike. Really, lose the sword, give her a chakram and make her go ay-yi-yi-yi once in a while and you've got yourself the Zelda universe's Xena. Well, magical Xena. Well... they're both warrior princesses, at least.

Hyrule Warriors is coming to the Wii U on August 14 in Japan, and on September 26 in North America.

『ゼルダ無双』 ゼルダ(細剣)プレイムービー [Koei Tecmo@YouTube]


    I was kinda hyped for this and considering getting a wii-u. I'm glad I've watched the last two trailers it's talked me out of it.

    This game will be fantastic for people who love dynasty warriors and love zelda universe but I've never been into Zelda and now I realise how crappy it's going to look I think I'll hold off on a wii-u until bayonetta 2.

    God I wish the warriors people would put the little bit of effort into making a decent PC port one of these days.

      I think it looks rather pretty myself! 'Crappy' is a little harsh.

        I think it looks quite good. Why do people still judge games by their graphics? You'll miss a lot of amazing games that way.

          It's not just the graphics. I have yet to see it do anything that any of the other warriors games haven't done other then being set in then Zelda universe. Like I said I think it will be great for someone into Zelda but for me it offers nothing at this stage.

            Don't worry guys, I'll talk him back into it =D

      Are you watching the video in lowest quality? How can the graphics possibly be called crappy?

    one of the few female characters in the gaming world who covers up and now she's got dat usual female armor problem...

      You mean the boob shape in the armour? That's not really a problem for leather armours which hers is.

        No, I mean everything between the shoulder armor and the breastplate.

    Someone will find a way to explain how "they" in particular aren't represented by Zelda and that's why this is bad for anyone and should die in a fire. Seemingly how issues are discussed here.

    Warrior *Queen. I've been hearing that Zelda in this game is a queen and not a princess. About bloomin' time.

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