300 Famous Characters, Redrawn In Pixels

300 Famous Characters, Redrawn In Pixels

Inspired by Bubble Bobble, pixel artist Paul Robertson took Taito’s 1986 classic’s style and redrawn a whole bunch of video game and pop culture characters. Three hundred of them to be exact.

Here’s all of them, and I’m pretty sure this would be the best tileset ever for an RPG Maker game.

Even JoJo is there! And Lupin! And Pepsiman! And… Louis C. K.?

Taito Inspired Characters by Paul Robertson [Tumblr]


  • 300 Famous Characters, Redrawn In Pixels

    Ignore the fact that half of them are videogame characters from the 8/16-bit era who were original pixelated anyway 🙂

  • For some reason this really reminds me of the original harvest moons :/ back when they were you know…good 🙂

  • Wow… Cutey Honey.. that made my day… don’t care as much for the rest, litttle sad at the lack of Kamen Rider (There was a “Masked Rider” show in the US), unless I mised it?

  • Gumby and Pokey! The dady from Dinosaurs whose name I forget!

    Other people I recognise and don’t!

    • I believe the Father from Dinosaurs was named “Not the Mama” 😀 I have no idea to be honest.

      I got a lot of them, only recognising some of them by who they’re standing next to.

  • 5 rows down, 3rd from left looks like Louis CK. and 8 rows down, 1st from right in the second lot, is that Pepsi Man from Fighting Vipers?
    also had a good laugh at Picard, the Hoff & Pamela Anderson, and the Golden Girls

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