Interstellar Continues To Look Like Unmissable Sci-Fi

Interstellar Continues To Look Like Unmissable Sci-Fi

I didn’t even like The Dark Knight Rises, I thought Inception was an overwrought mess, but words cannot describe my sheer visceral excitement for Christopher Nolan’s next movie Interstellar. This brand new trailer isn’t doing me any favours. How can this movie possibly live up to this hype, I need to dial things back a bit!

To watch the trailer you have to head here and you have to type in the code 7201969.

It really is an emotional, epic (yes I used the word ‘epic’ but it applies) trailer and I’m sort of still feeling affected by it. This could truly be a spectacular piece of science fiction.

The script to Interstellar actually leaked a while back, way before its production. A good friend of mine read it and he told me that if Nolan does the script justice, it might be one of the best science fiction movies ever made. He said this is just the tip of the iceberg.

This movie can’t come quick enough.


  • This article has no title…..

    Also im much the same, hated Nolans batman movies, (and im a massive DC comic nerd) LOVED heath ledgers joker though.
    But this movie looks amazing

    • Same, I didn’t mind Begins, I liked Dark Knight less… I waited for the disk release to see Rises (I don’t regret that lol). I’m also a Batman comic nerd, I find quite a few Batman fans that were introduced to the comics pre ‘Arkham/Nolan-Mainstreme-Batman’ who generally feel the same. (Not saying they were bad, just that I didn’t really enjoy them. It’s just my opinion)

      • None of the last batman movies really did it for me. I used to like batman, but the last two… ?!?
        The Joker was just plain annoying, everyone in Gotham seemed to know that Batman is Bruce Wayne but tried sooooo hard hide it. Bane was OK though.

  • @markserrels

    I’m assuming you meant Dark Knight Rises right? Else it’s Blasphemy. (JK, but still) (Edit: Ah, fixed, all is right now, to add some context the original text said ‘Dark Knight Returns’)

    I kinda agree though, if you meant Rises, I’m not much of a Nolan guy myself. The closest I’ve come to liking one of his movies was the Prestige.

  • I saw a trailer for Interstellar at IMAX last night, and what interests me is that we don’t really know what the bulk of the movie will focus on. Plenty of potential for awesomeness.

  • 2 film articles in a row, 1 of which fails to get a title, the 1 before fails to tell us that there are ALREADY VIDEO GAME FILMS OUT THERE & not to mention that kojima’s games are starting to become FILMS, plus to call inception a mess fails to point out that it influenced the plot of kingdom hearts dream drop distance, visually nolan is brilliant & has nice choices in casting ie micheal caine as alfred, heath ledger as joker, man I need some coffee

    • You forgot that the article first said that he didn’t even ‘like the Dark Knight Returns’ (Instead of Rises.)

      Maybe he just needs a Coffee! A large one.

  • Agree with you on all fronts Mark. The Dark Knight is good, but Inception was a missed opportunity (how many people out there actually dream of gunfights? I sure as hell don’t), and Rises was pretty mediocre. This looks amazing though!

    • I have some pretty stellar and vivid dreams. I’ve been through full wars, time travel, flying, magic… everything. Then, I have a pretty varied imagination, as well as being known for getting lost in who-knows-where in my head, so that could explain it.

  • That’s what I mean: dreams are crazy and surreal. You’d have to be a pretty dull person to only dream of gunfights like the characters of Inception do. Nolan could’ve taken it much further than he did. There was that one bit with the inverting building but that was about it.

    • People that say this really irk me – it’s like you weren’t even paying attention to the movie. I’m not saying Inception is a masterpiece (although I thoroughly enjoyed it), but the whole point of the movie was to make the dreams look as normal as possible, so as not to raise any suspicion. I suggest you go back and re-watch it before making any more criticisms.

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