A Free Book That Teaches You How To Play Fighting Games

Fighting games are great, especially if you like competition. But getting into the scene? Getting to the point where you're actually good and competitive with other good players? That's a little more difficult. That's the real challenge. To help you on your way Patrick Miller has written a free ebook.

Why write it for free? I'll let Patrick explain...

First, I was tired of meeting people who would always say “I want to learn how to play fighting games” in the same way that people usually say “I’ve been meaning to start going to the gym.” Now, whenever anyone tells me that, I can just say, “Hey, read my book! Now you have no excuse.”
Second reason: I want our community to grow. I think that learning to play fighting games are honestly one of the best things that have ever happened to me, and I want more people to share this experience — but they’re so darn hard to learn that it’s hard to get new blood in.

The book helps with combos, general play and works as a solid introduction into the world of competitive fighting games, with Street Fighter IV as a focus towards the end.

You can download the book here


    I absolutely love fighting games (Big KOF, GG and BlazBlue fan) but I just don't have the digital dexterity to pull off combos involving more than a quarter turn and a button press. It always seems to be that I don't quite do the full stick movement before I press a button or something. I'm still going to have a look at this because I always want to up my game to give people a challenge.

      You aren't the only one. I've bought my fair share of fighting games, but I really do suck and I wonder afterwards what I was thinking.

      There are other ways to play. I'm fairly on again - off again with fighters these days so I concentrate more on spacing and zoning. You don't need too many combos as long as you're patient and have a game plan.

      Yeah, that's about where I fall. Coupled with the fact I don't quite understand the mechanics behind inputs so I'm never quite sure where I'm failing. I don't know if I'm trying to hit H.Kick later than I should or if I've simply messed up the timing on the directional input. Should it be Hold Down->Up->H.Kick or Hold Down->Up+H.Kick? Is my combo failing because I've screwed up the input or is it failing because I'm not chaining the attacks together at the right moment?
      They're simple questions but it can be sort of hard to nail down an answer when you're talking about a specific game because everyone talking about the games is confident enough to feel this stuff out themselves.

    Heh, I was just getting my butt kicked at Marvel vs Capcom 3 a minute ago. I should probably read this. =P

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