A Message From Level 1 Boss

A Message From Level 1 Boss

Despite what probably amounts to years of experience facing what must be thousands of intrepid heroes, the Level 1 Boss you find in most RPGs is usually fairly predictable and weak. And while the heroes continue to level up and earn status and gear in their communities, Level 1 Boss never makes any kind of upward movement.

The real story of why that is, from Level 1 him/her/itself, is a little sad and insightful.

A Message From Level 1 Boss

Or maybe not at all.

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    The first boss in Dragon Quest VIII missed the memo. I kept hitting him and yelling out "WHY AREN'T YOU DEAD YET??!!"

      You talking about that water dragon thing that you have to get the dudes (the guy that looks an awful lot like Mr Satan from dragon ball) mystical crystal orb from in the cave?

    There is a boss in disgaea that the main character renames to mid-boss. Because he as important as it sounds.

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      actually he turned out to be more important than he sounds

    Wow. This game me tears.
    'Tss so said D:
    Poor Level 1 Boss.

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