A Quick Look At Civilization Revolution 2

A Quick Look At Civilization Revolution 2

JFK, stealth bombers and Silicon Valley are coming to the next Civilization game. Oh and lasers too. It’s about to get all modern up in here.

In the video above, I take in a near-final build of Civilization Revolution 2, the sequel to the built-for-consoles spin-off of Sid Meier’s popular strategy series. You’ll see some of the new, faster gameplay above, along with some new units and leaders as well. Civ Rev 2 brings elements of the present day into the franchise, with the Red Cross, modern medicine and information technology available to use in your quest to conquer the world. It won’t have multiplayer, though, so you’ll be butting heads against AI opponents.

Civ Rev 2 launches on the Apple App Store this Wednesday for iOS devices.


  • looks like a pay to win game, pay 1 credit to finish research, pay 2 credits to speed up products, only $19 for 20 credits, what a bargin

  • Looking forward to it.
    Hopefully the AI is a little less stupid “Hmm you’re an entire era ahead of me and I’m down to my last city. Nope, not going to accept your terms for peace.”

    Edit: Aaand having watched the video, I think I’ll hold off. Was amused by multiplayer not being in the game because it wasn’t used much. I assume that of course has nothing to do with the fact that you had to pay for it…

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