A Shooter Where You Have To Cheat To Win


“Hey, stop looking at my screen!” is a pretty common refrain when people are playing competitive multiplayer games in the same room. In Screencheat, it’s the only way to win.

The competitive multiplayer shooter may, at first glance, look like any other (albeit 17 million times more colourful), but there’s a twist: everybody is invisible. So you have to glance at your opponents’ screens or else you’ll literally be firing blind. Screen Look Or Die would be an even more apt name, or at least a more immediately descriptive one.

Screencheat will be four-player, have modes ranging from deathmatch to “murder mystery”, and it will allow you to beat someone to death with a candelabra. I really like the concept, especially as a game to play with friends in the same room. I can just imagine physically pushing people away or throwing my hand in front of their face as our characters strafe around and/or right past each other.

It will also be playable online, which sounds markedly less enjoyable. How do you even replicate to the maniacal fun of stealing a glance at someone else’s screen when they’re hundreds of miles away? It’s the greatest mystery of our time. I hope developer Samurai Punk comes up with a good solution.

Screencheat will be out on Steam soon. For now, though, do you ever screen look? Come on now. Be honest. I used to do it occasionally in games like Goldeneye and the original Halo. I’m a monster, I know, but at least I’m now a recovering monster. That’s something, right?


  • Now all they need is a “Unplug friends controller” mechanic and possibly a “I’m losing so I’m going to hit the reset button” mechanic. =P

  • I saw this game in the indie games section of AVCon in Adelaide over the weekend. It looked really good! It’s definitely a mechanic I didn’t think I’d see actually promoted as the selling point of the game, but it was done quite well.

  • My friends and I had a steadfast rule: Goldeneye 64 – NO SCREEN LOOKING.

    Subclause a) if you pick Oddjob, we will screenlook at you because YOU’RE ALREADY CHEATING CHEATER McCHEATERSON

  • Let’s be perfectly clear on this: the offence is screen cheating not screen looking. Right now, I am looking at a screen. To play a game, you have to look at a screen. When you’re looking at a screen you’re not meant to, that’s cheating.

    Screen looking is a silly term. Screen cheating is the only thing that makes sense and all who disagree with me are heretics.

  • Anyone who ever played Perfect Dark and claims they never screened when someone had the Farsight is a filthy liar.

  • This was originally made as a Melbourne entry for the Global Game Jam earlier this year. I got to try it out and it’s a simple but awesome concept, definitely fun to play, but over beers it would be hilarious.

    Surprised @markserrels hasn’t chimed in, being some choice locally produced content, it deserves the shout-out.

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