A Super Mario, Peach And Yoshi Transformation

Dayshot: When not busy with Heroes of the Storm, artist Luke Mancini draws wild fan-art, like this cartoony one with Super Mario, Peach and Yoshi, who transformed into a beast.

Or he's Bowser's hand, as you can see in the full picture:

Maario by Mr — Jack [DeviantART, Gamers for Good]

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    Really nice illo, except to me it looks like Bowser maybe has a Yoshi head for a hand.

    and Yoshi, who transformed into a beast.Err, Yoshi's a dinosaur. This would be his natural state, unless you are of course speaking in the dialect of the youth and describing that he has become the epitome of awesome in which case I agree. Even if he's the second cousin of the Headless Golem from Ghouls'n'Ghosts.

    Last edited 24/07/14 7:43 pm

    its obvious yoshi is bowser's hand puppet...

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