A Video Game World Where All Conspiracy Theories Are True

Imagine a world where every single conspiracy theory you've ever heard is actually true. A world where UFOs exist. A world where the US government faked the moon landing. This is the world in which Australian-made game Majestic Nights is set.

Developed by Epiphany Games out of Sydney, Majestic Nights is set in an alternate version of the 80s and is set to take place over six standalone chapters that will somehow make sense as a cohesive whole. Think of it as a Sin City meets X-Files meets Shadowrun kind of thing.

The above trailer doesn't much (read: any) of the mechanics of the game, but I did happen to get a brief demo of the game from Epiphany Head Honcho Morgan Lean. My first thought was, "yep, this is like Shadowrun". I like that. My second thought was, "oooh I like the art". My third thought was, "this game has a cool soundtrack".

According to the team, the main focus of the game is on the universe, with the mechanics themselves serving the story.

"We wanted to create a game which was simple to play and just let people dive into the story,” said Sam Jensen, Lead Designer. “The story and the world are the forefront of this game – they’re the star of the show and we want everything the game does to support that."

The first episode of the game is set for release late 2014 on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.


    Aside from the 80's part this sounds (on paper) similar to The Secret World. A pretty good MMO concept running on a sort of bland/dated engine. Not that I'm accusing them of ripping it off, I'd wager both were just born of the same loves. I'm always sort of surprised we don't see more games themed like this considering how huge X-Files was.

    Is this at all related to the old Majestic ARG? Because that was a really cool concept that was probably a bit before its time.

    Wasn't this the VERY basic concept of The Secret World? Not saying that this is a copy, but that the writer's introduction to the article is disingenuous.

    All conspiracies in this game are true, it runs on the Euclidean engine.

    The trailer doesn't much of the mechanics? I feel like you're missing a word there.

    Pirate; I think the word you're looking for is 'editor'.

    (Game looks good though, so thanks for the article, in spite of the pedantry).

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