Ah Naughty Dog, You've Done It Again!

Remember the Banderas GIF? The one that had multiple different forms around the E3 2013/the launch of the PlayStation 4? Remember how Naughty Dog were super amazing and made one featuring Joel from The Last Of Us? Yeah that was amazing. Now they've only gone and done it again with another world famous reaction GIF: the Jack Nicholson nodding salaciously GIF, another personal favourite of mine.

First, here's the original...

And here's the new version, featuring Joel from The Last of Us, created by Tal Peleg, Senior Cinematics Animator at Naughty Dog.

Amazing. Simply amazing.

MORE PLEASE. Drop your suggestions in the comments below.

Via NeoGAF


    I'm actually a little scared

      Well, this is the same guy who stabs a victim in the knee then threatens to pop off his victim's knee cap during the game.

    Zidane headbutt from the last World Cup


    Man they really really really need to do the Vince Mcmahon reacts to the bodybuilder gif!

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