All You Need To Know About The Upcoming Destiny Beta

The much awaited Destiny beta kicks off on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on July 18 and you have every right to be excited. I spent a fair amount of time in the Alpha and loved it. The above video/trailer is an attempt to prep players for what is to come. "I think people will be surprised by how much content is in the beta". Keep talking Lead Designer Lars Bakken, keep talking!

I can't even hide my excitement for this game, so I won't pretend to be objective. This is the game I'm most looking forward to this year. For some reason I was a little down on it, but post-Alpha? Just getting to grips with the look and feel of the game was such a rewarding experience. Can't wait to explore the universe further.

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    I just wish the beta lasted more than 4 days for us xboxers. Oh well. The alpha was great on my ps4. Really got me excited for the game again after the slow dwindling that happens when they announce a game so long before release.

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    Has anyone got their PSN key? I got my key to use on the Bungie site but haven't gotten anything since.

    Apparently they are going to email the codes the day the beta starts, I can't see anything going wrong with that at all.

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      If you have a nice EB manager they could always just print you one off.

        The code EB gives you is the Bungie code, which you register with Bungie they then have to give you the PSN code, super straight forward huh?

          Have you gone back onto the bungie site and picked you platform and region yet?

            I know I picked my platform and I hooked it to my psn account so im guessing that determined region. Their whole account system is down at the moment (still) so have not been able to check

              You still have to select both platform and region. It's a new selection. I originally selected when I first put the Bungie code in, but since then had to re-select this month - so make sure you do that as soon as possible.

              when you pick your platform on the bungie website, you have to pick your region at the same time. The codes will be available on the day of the beta, you then have to get the code off the bungie website and put it into your psn account.

                Yeah site is back up, just did it

      Not yet, email just says after activating my beta code on the Destiny website that the download code will be sent out when beta goes live. I'm hoping they at least release the download code 12 hours early or something so we can pre-download. And now trying to log into my Destiny account the website is down for maintenance...

        you can predownload the beta if you create a london account and preorder the game and the as sson as you do that, the beta automatically downloads. (no credit card required).

      I read somewhere you get 3 codes sent out so you can give to friends too, I registered on the site but nothing since.

        Yup that's correct, 3 codes but they are for the same region and platform you choose for yours

      The website told me to go back and get my keys on the 17th.

        Yeah I found that after I made the original post, seems silly to do it on the day of the launch

          Yep, I expect a clusterfuck of US people trying to get on and servers going down.

            PSN has US and EU servers, so I shouldn't think it's an issue.
            I hope...

              I mean on the initial Bungie website, trying to get their codes for PSN and XBL.

              It's not separate servers, the choice is only for selecting store regions

      Has anyone pre-ordered from PSN, rather than JB Hi-Fi or EB, and successfully downloaded the files associated with it? Or can shed any light on how that will work?

      Registered, selected platform, waiting and waiting and waiting...

      Sign onto bungie website go to youe profile then go to codes mate. Should be there

    This is my weekend. Loved the Alpha even if it was a bit sparse (but hey, that's an Alpha for you).

    Keen to try out a Warlock character as I only stuck with a hunter during the Alpha

      Warlock had my favourite jumping - the glide allowed for heaps of in-air maneuverability.

    I hope they get rid of the damn watermark this time. Plasma TV users are not happy. :(

    Ok so this is probably a stupid question but when they say 18th of July do they really mean the 19th for Australians?

      It is on the 17th, the 18th that Mark is talking about takes into account being in Australia.

      Beta goes live on PS4 at 10.00am PDT on the 17th, which translates to
      3am AEST on the 18th
      1am AWST on the 18th

    So how does one get a beta key? Do you have to pre-order the game?

      yep, go on amazon and preorder it then get the key and cancel order, thats what I did.

      Alternatively know someone else who did with your platform and region, each preorder gets 3 extra keys

    If my memory serves me correctly, there's a Kotaku AU page to add you gamertag? I'm keen to have some like-minded souls to jump in to some Destiny action with on PS4....or wave at...maybe some dancing.

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      For when the maintenance is done, this link should work

        FYI - Just applied on the Bungie site. My gamertag is RetroSailBoat. :-)

    If you are PS4 player, you can pre-order on PSN and it will pre load the beta for you right now. Play the beta and cancel the pre-order. PSN does not charge until the release/couple of days before.

      Hey can I clarify with you or anyone here, how does the Beta key aspect of it work when you pre-order from PSN. I've pre-ordered from there (specifically to avoid the chance of late shipping from JB HI-FI, and the chance of giving EB money from EB) and there's a file to download called "beta offer" or something in my download queue but it consistently gives me error codes/failure when i try to do it.

      I'm getting really worried... Does this download only activate when the beta is live?

        Hey geometrics

        If you pre-order on PSN its an automatic invite to the beta, but only one key which is automatically applied to your account as far as I am aware. As soon as you "purchase" the Destiny pre-order, 2 downloads will appear in your list, 1 being the beta client and the other being the full client released on the 9.9.14. I have tried this and have already pre-loaded the client as of 2 days ago when I found out about this method. The client is roughly 14Gig. Also this was on my AU PSN account done for my PS4, cant comment on PS3. The link to cancel preorder is done from your PSN account on the Web client as far as ive invsetigated.


    Hey @markserrels , am interested to know ur impressions on Destiny so far. Have u written about it already? I'm still a bit on the fence with this one, I haven't played the alpha, but it hasn't really piqued my interest yet.

      My general thoughts are that it's amazing. I loved the Alpha.

    I'm not into MMO's which is what playing the alpha felt like to me so i'm no longer really looking forward to this. I will still try the Beta though to see if anything has changed.

    Ok so technically beta is available, from memory, at 10am PST or west coast of america, this is their 17th ( remember they are 13 hours behind perth 15 for EST))...i think!!! if so that means in aus it will technically be available 1am perth time or 3am EST on the morning of the 18th. So in Aus everything is starting and finishing a day later, instead of starting on the 17th its technically the 18th etc. hope this makes sense to those un clear, i might be wrong about the exact time it is available but you get the picture, in the end keep checking you emails and you will soon find out when you can download it.

      FWIW I am downloading the beta now on PS4. Preordered from PSN and im in WA. I had to go into the PSN store, view downloads and selected Destiny. There's an update file also.

    you can predownload the beta if you create a london account and preorder the game and the as sson as you do that, the beta automatically downloads. (no credit card required)

    I bought the pre oder on PSN and I have a file waiting to download but there is an x on the download bar and if I try to down load it from notifications it says that a CE-32920-6 error has occurred. Can any one talk me through what I need to do?

      I figured it out. I had to delete the beta file in my downloads queue and re downlod it from Library. Working a treat. Hopethat helps someone.

    I have all 3 of my codes but i can't even redeem them at all. every time i do i tells me that they are incorrect or no longer valid. Have i just preordered this game and lost my chance at playing the beta?

    So, I per ordered on the 18th for ps3, off of pan. But I haven't gotten anything about beta.any advice?

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