An Ode To Link's Hat

An Ode to Link's Hat

You probably don't think very much about Link's headgear when playing through or hoping for a Legend of Zelda title. But, no matter how things change from game to game, that pointy, green cap is a beacon that says 'all are welcome here.'

An Ode to Link's Hat

A new illustrated essay at The A.V. Club covers the evolution of The Legend of Zelda series, homing in on the idea that the iconic hat remains a symbol of familiarity, as video game lovers get older and more cynical. No matter how dark the story or cartoony the art style, Link's cap — with its medieval roots — reminds players that they're entering into a fantasy that's not bound to any one time period. Even when it talks. Especially when it talks.

An Ode to Link's Hat


    No it's a green cap. Link is a Hylian that looks like a elf.

    Trying to decide what to name Link / my save file for WindWaker HD. Do Kotaku readers typically name him? Or just call him Link?

      Link on first playthrough, and then personal name on second playthrough (second playthrough you play the whole game in his PJ's, thats why)

      In my opinion, swearwords are always hilarious!

      Ever since my Link (can't remember what I originally called him) was renamed THIEF in Link's Awakening, I've had a soft spot for calling him THIEF from the outset in other games.

    Speaking of this, I was really disappointed that Link had the cap in Skyward Sword. The previously "earliest" game in the chronology, The Minish Cap, suggested that the Hero of Time did not previously don a cap and it was only after the events of that game that the green cap was added to the traditional ensemble of the hero.

      Yeah, but it's a Zelda game, kind of required.

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