And Now Some Free Garden Warfare Content From PopCap’s Sponsors

And Now Some Free Garden Warfare Content From PopCap’s Sponsors

Two new free Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare character variants drop today, courtesy of Aquafina FlavorSplash. How do you feel about free sponsored content?

The Berry Shooter and Citrus Cactus arrive today with the free Tactical Taco Party Pack downloadable content pack, the latest in a series of free premium content added since the launch of PvZ:GW earlier this year. It includes a new map, a new game type (this arrives July 8 on PC), and two new characters evocative of the fresh taste of Aquafina FlavorSplash brand water product.

The only problem I have with the sponsored content here is that it’s only for the Plants side of the conflict. I guess sponsors tend to shy away from being associated with rotting corpses.

As long as I don’t have to stare at a product logo all day, aren’t assaulted by in-game signage (one here and there, as it makes sense is fine), and I remain free to mercilessly taunt anyone who uses the fruit water plants in a match against me, I don’t see the problem with Pepsi’s fruit water making an appearance, as long as Sun Chips aren’t next.


  • meh, i mean i guess it matches the tone of being plants… and who cares no one is forcing you to use it. It doesn’t cost you anything. Not sure who would be using this apart from kids tho as its not gonna set you apart from the crowd if everyone in the crowd has it.

  • I have a hard time complaining about something thats free, especially with this game. They could have added “Australia tax” on its price but no, they kept it as a budget title for 45 bucks at launch.

    Love this game 🙂

  • This game does DLC exactly how I think it should be done. Story and campaign DLC should be paid for, it makes sense, but simply map packs and skins should be free content.
    Even if PvZ did release some ugly customization items, I’d still think it’s cool to have for free and just not use it.

    Games like PvZ GW that do DLC right end up pretty successful, on top of the great price of the game itself. They’re likely picking up all the gamers who don’t really want to get into CoD, Battlefield and Titanfall, or tried those and don’t care for them. I’m even happy with their microtransactions for coins.

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