And Then DJ Jazzy Jeff Had A Super Mario Bros. Remix Battle

During yesterday's Fourth of July Jam in Philadelphia, DJ Jazzy Jeff (sans Fresh Prince) and Jeremy Ellis got into a Super Mario Bros. remix battle, accompanied by The Roots. This is a thing that happened.

Philly's Action News 6 (via Nintendo Life) posted footage of the epic DJ battle, which DJ Jazzy Jeff won solely based on the fact that he's DJ Jazzy Jeff and I had to Google Jeremy Ellis. He seems like a lovely man, but he knew who he was up against.

You know when you're at a concert for a band you aren't too familiar with and that one song you know comes on? This would have been so much that for me.


    I love dj jazzy jeff. If you don't know who Jazz is your horrible.

      Best lawn dart ever. Uncle Phil got a lot of distance with that guy

        God now I just want to re-watch fresh prince now.

      I consider anyone who doesn't know the name of any "dj's", the opposite of a horrible person.

        I would agree with you on any dj except for DJ jazzy jeff.

        Why? actual DJs (like Jazzy Jeff) are quite talented people. You just sound ignorant and think that a DJ at the local pub is what all DJs are.

    Jazzes part was great, it flowed, had rhythm and style. The other guy was terrible, stuttered badly and didn't fit together well at all.

      Include in that the fact that other bloke was just smashing buttons and Jazzy was actually using a turntable.

      I disagree. The other guy sure knew how to use a drum machine!
      Different styles with different equipment.
      Both were excellent imo :)

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