Angry Birds Transformers Toys Do Transform, Basically

Angry Birds Transformers Toys Do Transform, Basically

Roaring into stores at the beginning of October with all the articulation of a Happy Meal toy, Hasbro’s Angry Birds Transformers Telepods toys change from vehicles with heads to robots with heads. They’re Headmasters!

Of course, they aren’t Headmasters. Headmasters are Transformers whose heads transform into smaller robots. That’s extra transforming. What Angry Birds Transformers do is more of a folding manoeuvre, akin to some of Hasbro’s more recent releases in the movie toy line. Angry Birds Folders doesn’t sound all that appealing. I think they already sell those at Walmart.

Angry Birds Transformers Toys Do Transform, Basically

I mean, at least they do something aside from costing $US5.99 for Toys’R’Us exclusive single figures and interacting with the Angry Birds Transformers mobile game we know next to nothing about via Matrix-shaped portal. They could have been Action Masters.

Either way, the fine folks at FamilyGamerTV have a complete rundown of the upcoming toys in the video below, riddled with slow camera pans over static images and delightful accents.


  • They look like Happy Meal Toys.
    Speaking of which – apple slices and juice? pfff, gimme a break

  • They look like Transformers botshots, except shitter.

    please stop buying this shit kids and let angry birds die.

  • They recently decided Transformers were ‘too complicated’ so have moved to ‘simpler’ transforming methods, basically like this. It is pretty terrible and condescending.

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