Aperture Tag Will Be Released On Steam This Month

Aperture Tag Will Be Released On Steam This Month

Briefly: Aperture Tag, the Portal 2 mod where you wield a Paint Gun instead of a Portal Gun, will be officially released on Steam this month. According to the developer’s announcement, Aperture Tag will cost $US7, and will be sold at a 30 per cent discount during its first week.


    • It’s a fairly safe assumption that if he is going to sell the mod on Valve’s store, that Valve knows what is happening and has agreed to it. Perhaps there is a royalty payment as part of the mod’s purchase price.

  • So is it normally $10 and is on sale for $7 at 30% off or is it normally $7 on sale for $4.9 at 30% off?

  • Please tell me that Glados and/or Wheatley are in this. Portal 2 is currently my four year old sons favourite thing in the world (actually planning to make a paper-mache Wheatley with him tomorrow).

  • From what’s be seen of gameplay thus far, it has its own original character to guide players through the tests.

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