Aperture Tag Will Be Released On Steam This Month


    How exactly did they get the rights to sell a mod using Valve IP?

      It's a fairly safe assumption that if he is going to sell the mod on Valve's store, that Valve knows what is happening and has agreed to it. Perhaps there is a royalty payment as part of the mod's purchase price.

    So is it normally $10 and is on sale for $7 at 30% off or is it normally $7 on sale for $4.9 at 30% off?

    Please tell me that Glados and/or Wheatley are in this. Portal 2 is currently my four year old sons favourite thing in the world (actually planning to make a paper-mache Wheatley with him tomorrow).

      Awww that's sweet

      Last edited 05/07/14 6:26 pm

      I doubt they could get the voice actors, but no way of knowing.

    From what's be seen of gameplay thus far, it has its own original character to guide players through the tests.

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