Are You Still Playing Titanfall?

Are You Still Playing Titanfall?

Titanfall has been out for a little while now, and it's settled into a normal rhythm for an online shooter. There are some new maps, some new modes, and a lot of people who have gotten very good at it. But the question remains: How many people who were playing in March are still playing now?

It can be hard to get a sense of these things from one narrow corner of the world, so I thought I'd put it to you.

And, since I'm also kinda curious:

If you've got any additional thoughts on how Titanfall's been for you lately, sound off below.


    There should have been a 3rd poll for 'Which system did you purchase it on', otherwise the "If you are still playing" poll is completely meaningless.

    Also should have had an option for the sony kids instead of "never bought it".

      And for the 'Sony Kids' like me who own a good gaming PC....who also never bought it.

      Sony kids? LOL, i got beta access on PC, played it for a bit but got bored, i don't own any Xbox products, only PC and PlayStation

      Hm? Im a Sony kid but I have titan fall on my x1? No one cares about titanfall anymore just xbots still bragging about it being Xbox exclusive and funny enough it is not even Xbox exclusive lol.

        It's a console exclusive ... so they are right to say it

      Us Sony kids don't care. We have an equally crappy game; Killzone Shadow Fail.
      I almost bought into the hype of Tittyfail. Luckily a mate talked me out of the XB1 purchase as I was going to the shops to buy it. It's bad enough I have PS4 with no games. lol.

        Yeah, i wouldnt say titanfall is as bad as killzone shadowfall, but it still isnt whatever everyone hyped it up to be. Neither was watchdogs and Destiny will probably be the same.

        It's no where near as bad as kill zone. .. that game is grade A rubbish!

    I bought it on PC at release and played for several hours over a week or two. No interest since then.
    I would have liked to get my money back to be honest.

    Oh well, there's 30GB of audio/ language data I don't have to carry...

    I have a copy, it is installed and up to date... it has been there for months, and I still can't bring myself to play it. :/

    For those of you who said they play, when do you play?

    I re-downloaded it about a month ago after going months without internet and spent half an hour matchmaking to nothingness. I really feel like I've wasted my precious money.

    Managed to get it for $40 off of Origin, tried it, haven't touched it since.
    It's just too unremarkable to hold my interest.

    I try to play Titanfall semi-regularly .... however the queue times are stupid long.

    I love the game but I wish there was a way to play it without having to sit in a lobby for 30+ min.

      you mean like custom servers, that people can run themselves, now that would be an idea

    no, definitely not. boring boring repetitive boring

    i had it, and would have been playing it recently, but when I was having trouble logging into my origin account the support guy decided to just delete it and give me a new one, and instead of giving me back my copy of titanfall he decided a demo was equally good.

      Sounds like that'd be worth a call to consumer affairs.

    Rented it for X360 and decided it wasn't quite the game for me.

    Only just recently purchased an Xbox One. Played for the first time last night. Pretty fun, but I imagine like a lot of multiplayer games, I've missed a lot of the magic by not playing with friends from the get go. Friends who have now moved on to other games.

    Reminded me again that I shouldn't buy DLC maps ever. Don't know why I keep buying season passes. They never force new maps, you get a crappy variety mode in the new map pack, and then you just keep playing the old maps.

    Played it on PC when they were offering 48hrs free. Just didn't seem that fun. Great concept though. Robots are kewl.

    Only reason I play it is there are few other options for XBone at the moment. Come on MS, did you want early adopters or not?!

    In other news, I'm still waiting for that Plex app or any decent DLNA option.

    I never bought it. I played it during the pre-release demo (That was not a beta!) and that was enough for me. I was thinking of buying it but the lack of offline single player killed it.

    Besides which; that new CoD is doing that anyway!

    I jumped back in recently. It's still a lot of fun though some of the higher end players are bastards to play against, so I don't know if I want to bother paying for the DLC.

    Still play it when I get a hunger for some FPS action, still fun. But I feel that I am in the minority reading others comments, anyone would think that it was the worst game of the year,

    I've put 200hours into Titanfall, but have barely touched it in a month because Aussies only play Attrition (TDM) I've played Marked for death once (loved it) and haven't gotten a CTF/HP/Variety game in close to 8 weeks.
    Also the ESP/Aimbot use is just horrific, and there's nothing you can do about it.

    If it was on Steam not Origin then I'd have got it at launch.

    I have it on PC and still love it, but I only occasionally play it now. I'm looking to play it more since Respawn made matchmaking less horrid.


    I got it, at first there were some issues. Both the game running shit and with Optus cable.

    Then I played a very little. Nothing grabbed me.

    Some time later I went back to play, and didn't last long. It wasn't bad. However I strongly got the feeling everyone playing were those that stuck with it and the disparity between what they had unlocked and what I had made it not fun.

    Played about 90 hours I think. Stopped playing well before the dlc came out. I keep meaning to got back, but wouldn't pay for the dlc maps and then my brain would feel like im missing something or stopping the people im playing with from playing the newer maps. Meh. I feel like my $74 from Target should have got me the full game and the season pass, or I could buy just the game for $40-$50.

    I really enjoy this game, have easily put 100+ hours into it. And would still be playing often if I hadn't become completely absorbed in Divinity: Original Sin!

    The game itself is great, fast-paced and just plain fun. But Respawn's awful matchmaking really killed it in my opinion. The way teams got split up often ended in unfair advantages and very one-sided matches. The amount of people I saw whinging about match-making was crazy.

    Unfortunately the PC community seems to have mostly abandoned it. Good luck getting a game other than Attrition on Australian servers now.

    Shame, the game itself was great but the framework around it sort of sucked. Guess we'll just have to wait for the inevitable Titanfall 2!

    There shouldve been an option to vote for if you got dlc. Seems like right after dlc the number of players just dropped.

    I'm not usually into multiplayer shooters ala COD; I'm no good at them and never been compelled to get good at them. I got TF with the Xbone bundle. I really enjoyed playing it with a few friends and thought it was a good, well balanced and fun game. But I havent played it in months. I don't feel like playing with randoms and most of my friends arent actively playing so its an effort to get people together to jump on.

    Also noticed that lobbies seem to take forever to matchmake. Not sure if thats the new thing to try and balance better. I always saw it as something you could jump on, play a few rounds when you had nothing to do and jump off. But when the matchmaking takes 15 minutes plus its just no longer something you can do that with.

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