Attention Borderlands Fans

Video: Gearbox just released 14 more minutes of butt-stomping action from the upcoming "Pre-Sequel", out this October for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Watch the new video above and read our thoughts on a recent preview for the game here.


    Actually really looking forward to this, and hopefully a Borderlands 3 in the not too distant future

    This, Destiny, Doom, Wolfenstein...I've gone off FPS over the last 5 years or so but this year and next have seen my interest go right back up in the genre

      the games you mention are the only FPS games i'd consider playing... i'm very pleased you didn't mention the "others" :P

      borderlands is always great :D

    I suspect that I'm one of the few people who finds Handsome Jack a boring and annoying villain. Borderlands 2 would be much better if his lame ECHO transmissions could be cut off.

    Should prob finish number 2.

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    can't wait to get my hands on this. looks like it will be a shitload of fun.

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