Attention Borderlands Fans

Video: Gearbox just released 14 more minutes of butt-stomping action from the upcoming “Pre-Sequel”, out this October for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Watch the new video above and read our thoughts on a recent preview for the game here.


  • Actually really looking forward to this, and hopefully a Borderlands 3 in the not too distant future

  • This, Destiny, Doom, Wolfenstein…I’ve gone off FPS over the last 5 years or so but this year and next have seen my interest go right back up in the genre

    • the games you mention are the only FPS games i’d consider playing… i’m very pleased you didn’t mention the “others” 😛

      borderlands is always great 😀

  • I suspect that I’m one of the few people who finds Handsome Jack a boring and annoying villain. Borderlands 2 would be much better if his lame ECHO transmissions could be cut off.

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