Auckland Remade Using Minecraft Looks Glorious

It's a 360 degree rotation around Auckland. In Minecraft. At 60 frames per second.

It looks really pretty.

Actually, when I first saw this, I mistakenly thought it was a replication of Sydney — where I live — and I got super excited. Later I discovered it was Auckland, which is still cool, but now I need someone to do this for the city of Sydney.

You can check out the video version below.

It was created by Reddit user petesterama, and it's awesome.


    All my old Kiwi friends call Aucklanders "Dorklanders" and now I find myself doing it whenever I meet a new Kiwi person.


      JAFA is also a name for those unfortunate enough to be associated with that city.

        Yeah, the old JAFA is a tried and true classic

      Dorklanders lol. But no hard feelings i call australians asstralians lol

    Not to nit pick but the sky tower is a lot taller than anything around it in the real Auckland

    I saw the headline and was expecting greenery and mountainous roads, maybe even Rainbows End....

    but I get the city which is boring and looks like Sydney. This doesn't speak for Auckland.

    It would be more impressive if the city rotated while the player stayed still.

    One of the buildings looks as though it's from Hong Kong, and the tan coloured tower looks identical to a building in San Francisco. Then the tower with the two red and white spires looks remarkably similar to Willis tower in Chicago..... Sky tower is the only Auckland thing I can see.

    Are you sure this isn't just a compilation of sky scrapers from around the world???

    I modelled Christchurch:

    This isnt auckland.... it has one building from auckland, I can see one from San Fran, one from New York, 2 from hong kong....

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