Batman V Superman Teaser Trailer Leaks Out Of Comic-Con

Video: This might not stay up for long. It's pretty short, but if you enjoy Batman, Superman or the sound of grown men losing their crap, it's still worth a look.


    Why does Batmans eyes glow?

      He's wearing the power armour from Dark Knight Returns. At least, that's what all the rumours say.

      Part of the armor.

      Why does Iron Mans eyes glow?

      Even in The Dark Knight it had batman with the glowing eyes.

        And Batman Forever!

        Jokes aside though, it's light from inside the power armour from DKR, as @Trjn said.

        This movie looks like it is HEAVILY inspired by DKR and that's not a bad thing at all!

          On second thought, glowing white eyes is more associated with Batman: TAS than DKR. I think we're in for a massive fake-out and they're going to dub over Ben Affleck with Kevin Conroy.

            TAS doesn't have glowing eyes though. It has the white 'comic/ cartoon mask' eyes. The glowing eyes are most likely just for the suit in the trailer here, which like the Iron-man suit I guess and is still based off of the DKR suit.

              Definitely the DKR suit, he has the power suit purely to fight Supes which is what this Trailer was hinting at. Also DKR batman has the little nubs on the cowl instead of huge ears, the symbol is also very very DKR. So pumped for this movie!

                I feel the same, for the same reasons. Love DKR!

    This video is no longer available
    Well that was quick.

        AREA 403

        You don't have permission to access the requested URL.

          Well, guess that ones gone too then. Glad I found it for a double dip before they pulled it.

    In case you missed it: you didn't miss anything.
    A bad angle of the screen, complete darkness with flashes of light illuminating something very hard to make out. Turns out it was Batman at the spotlight, possibly putting the (really fat and kinda dumb looking) Bat-logo on the spotlight, and turning it on. The spotlight lights up a part of the sky with the Bat-logo all up there, but what's this? In the middle of it, Superman is there, with his eyes glowing red. He's just floating up there. It cuts back to Batman, whose eyes are glowing white. Another shot of Superman, and then the BVS logo appears.
    Also, people were completely going off their nut for no goddamn reason.

      Well... I understand that it's your preference, but that 'fat' bat logo is similar to the symbol used in The Dark Knight Returns. That book made that particular symbol pretty iconic. Using it, in a Batman V Superman movie no less, is pretty much a very logical choice, seeing as batman and Superman have a beat down in DKR.

      Also, Superman wasn't there, there was a bolt of lightning and he was just there. In a split second... Put that with the reveal of the power armour, again inspired from DKR, and the beautiful cinematography.... yeah, I understand why people were going nuts.

        Yeah I dunno, that fat bat logo is too chunky for me. It's nearly a rectangle. But opinions!
        (Is the Dark Knight Returns that one where Batman is old and he fights Superman? I saw the animated adaptation and it was really awesome.)

        You know, realistically, if Superman can appear in a flash of lightning, he should be fast enough that almost literally nothing would be able to beat him.

          Yes, DKR is the one where old Batman fights Superman. If you liked the movie I highly recommend the comic. It's not top of most peoples/ sites lists for no reason lol, maybe then you'll have a little more love for the chubby bat symbol.

          Besides, it's better than having a symbol that we've seen in the live action movies before regardless right?

          Also, while I don't personally think Superman is THAT fast, it's nice to see a movie where they show exactly how powerful he CAN be. Although in the comics there is no one 'superman' speed and strength wise, EG. in some adaptions he is deathly sick of kryptonite, others it just slows him down. In that sense, Superman has less 'grounding' cannon than Batman has, where Batman has remained mostly the same over the years in terms of ability.

          Regardless, I think it's going to be interesting to see a man that powerful get his ass handed to him by a man... Unless Superman wins.. or it's a draw lol.

          I'm not the biggest fan of Man of Steel or the Dark Knight Rises because of how far from 'my preferred cannon' they strayed, but I'm cautiously optimistic about this one TBH, time will tell of course.

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            Just think of Nolans movies as 'elseworlds' tales. His movies aren't linked to this series. In this series, Batman has been operating for 10+ years. It's going to get its own movie eventually (2018 I believe, called THE BATMAN), and revisit the rogues gallery.

              I can't wait to see the Joker... again...

                If they do him like in the comics sure. We havent had that yet.

                  DKR Joker is by far my favorite Joker, he is just so brutal.

          Actually, The Flash, the fastest man alive, can beat Superman. Depends on which Flash though. The race has been done more than once and Flash wins. Though, if it were Jay Garrick, Superman would win. If it were any of the others like Bart Allen or Barry Allen or Wally West than Superman would lose. Wally West would make Superman eat his dust.

    ...that was nothing.

    This is why I hate teasers. They reveal nothing and eat up all the fanboys freaking out.

    Apparently there was a Theatrical Trailer shown for the Battlestar Galactica movie and that basically has next to zero mentions on the web beyond the fact that it exists. Annoys the hell out of me.

      Is that going to be related to the recent TV series, or is it a standalone movie based on the property?

        According to Wikipedia it's meant to be a reboot based on the original 1978 series.

        So sick of reboots. At least in Batman vs Superman we (presumably) won't have to go through Batman's origin story again.

    in case you missed it!

    Warner Brother took down the Comic con teaser trailer but you can still watch the (re-creation) teaser at

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