Big-Time Doom Fans React To Yesterday's Doom Reveal

Big-Time Doom Fans React To Yesterday's Doom Reveal

We didn't see the new Doom that was shown exclusively to Quakecon attendees in Dallas this week. You probably didn't either. But all the people in a video shot by the folks at the unofficial Quakecon Forums did.

They just saw it minutes before this video was recorded, and they were pumped. Skip to 50 seconds to get to the reactions. A baby supposedly clapped for the first time... to the new Doom!

Language NSFW, not surprisingly.

Video from the Quakecon Forums, via NeoGAF. Good spotting, Shinobi!


    I'm feeling a lot better about this now.
    Now when do we get to see the darn thing?

      Hope soon. No iron sights aiming is encouraging oddly. Means no fine shooting is required and combat should be fast and brutal as fuck.

        It'd better be! Sick of shitty story driven remakes of games that were just straight up action packed fun originally!

    Of course the dudes in the picture are big time Doom fans, of course.

      Well you know, being at Quakecon...and going into the doom reveal... and all that... you know...

        I think Korwin was referring to the fact the guys in the picture look like they're still living in that early 90's, listening to hard rock/metal mindset that DOOM was originally popular with, and very much like Carmack, Romero and the rest of id at the time.

          lol most likely. I was kinda thinking 'Holy shit they stepped out of a Nirvana filmclip...' myself.

    Is there any shaky cam footage yet? surely someone in that room had their mobiles set to record.

    PS, the guy in the top photo looks like John Lennon.

    Fanboys geeking out to a game reveal at a convention? Unheard of!

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