Broforce Is One Of The Best Games Of 2014.

Broforce Is One Of The Best Games Of 2014.
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Broforce is one of the best games of 2014. It’s now a little better, a little Broier, after a weekend update added two new Bros and some other stuff.


    • Someone made a gif though!
      Just think of this article like if michael bay wrote a book.

      • I was thinking maybe a gif of a long article with bits being deleted out a lot and the caption “Luke Plunkett at Work” or something.

  • Why is it good? It look like it might be good. Can Luke tell me why it’s good?

    Normally I’m not a fan of calling things on Kotaku shit, but I clicked this link for info on the update and why this game I keep hearing about is worth my ducats.

  • Game is like rampage, when you have friends and an hour to spend in between other games its a gem. Playing as 80s and 90s movie bros like Brobocop and Brominator etc is great for shits and gigs, complete destruction as you raise the American flag at the end of each level while yelling out “AMERICA FUCK YEAH COMING AGAIN TO SAVE THE MUTHA FUCKING DAY” is why when this game is on sale its worth it.
    However its still alpha or beta or whatever shit term you use for unfinished and on steam, hence why im glad I saw this update. Game needs some extras and new levels and variety in the levels but has potential to be a good laugh. If you can pick it up for under 7 bucks do it.

    Thats a review written for you.

    • Yeah, for an early access game it’s pretty great though. I haven’t tried it since the last update so maybe there’s some crazy new issues that I don’t know about but IMO it really feels like a polished game, just needs a little bit more content. Updates seem to be coming around once a month at the moment.

  • Frankly, I would’ve at least quoted the list, or the highlights of it.
    Made GR-13 jump back correctly
    Fixed Boondock Bros avatar showing incorrectly for a second
    F12 now toggles HUD (rather than just hide it)
    Fixed Windows in City (and elsewhere) breaking after a radio tower start.
    More Agressive/Less Forgetful Mookopter
    Fixed Bombardment Flashes getting stuck during Time Bro Motion
    Improved Camera Trigger Actions
    Fix Dual Shock 3 controllers crashing on Macs (thanks Unity!)
    MANY fixes related to Macs and startup
    Fixed lack of propane momentum when stepping off propane tanks
    Improved Z ordering of background foliage
    A lot of work on the announcer voice
    Made muzzle flashes stick to guns
    5% faster mook reaction times
    Scriptable enemies in Level Editor (WORK IN PROGRESS!)
    Ellen Ripbro’s plasma damages terrain more
    Broniversal Soldier has a higher rate of fire for his primary weapon
    Villagers 2.0
    Bros can stand on mook parachutes.
    Placing unused terrain pieces in your levels will no longer break the levels
    Fixed outlines on some parallax pieces

  • I’ve never played this game, but someone who knows what they’re doing should just write an article in the comments section. That way at least future people won’t be disappointed.

  • Not going to even comment on the ”article” but I’ve just started this game and it’s surprisingly good. Decently tough, very funny and the exploding environments just make it THAT much better. Look forward to delving further into it!

  • Wait is this supposed to be an article for a website or a tweet from Luke Plunkett’s twitter page?

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