Check Out The New Assassin’s Creed Unity Trailer

Video: New pre-rendered Assassin’s Creed Unity trailer shows our hero, the assassin Arno, rescuing a woman who seems to be wearing a Templar cross (the same lady we initially thought was an assassin. Whoops!). The game’s designers hinted at the end of this making-of video that Unity will address the schism between Assassins and Templars and what would happen if they could work together. Hmmm. UPDATE: Her name’s Elise. She’s a Templar.


  • I still love the fact that you can pre-order a collectors edition that you don’t know what you’re going to get.

    • Seriously reconsider AC4, many people like that game for how much it managed to change the formula.

      • I’ve tried again and back at Nassau… It’s the completionist in me that is killing it I think.

        Complete mission…. “Awww wait only 80% because you didn’t do these near impossible tasks and we may not have told you and our buggy gameplay impeded you….”

        Fuck that shit off… I don’t want to play through a game and then be told “you could have done better”.

        I can play AC1 and 2 because it didn’t have that crap.

        • That’s a strange mindset, who cares how well you synchronized the story? play for fun

          But yeah, your are entitled to not like it 😉

          • I just hate seeing fail pass pass fail fail while trying to be immersed in something.

  • Get there just in time to save the templar… too bad for those three poor sods that got their heads nixed – for some reason, our hero completely forgot this was happening today and was too far away to save them… The real question is – are we getting Desmond back or is it gunna be hella confusing modern day stoof like Black Flag? Gave up on that game through boredom, so no idea what happened.

    • Modern day stuff is gonna be different again. Arno is probably an ancestor of Desmond but he’s dead and not comming back.

      • Ubi said they’re not done with Desmond yet. While he’s not coming back in corporeal form, remember the other subject who lived on INSIDE the animus? 😉

    • Desmond is dead, they physically removed his brain from his corpse and cut up the rest so I doubt he will be returning in body. They may have him return in the digital world since that seems to be a thing now but he would prob be an echo.

  • oh hey look a female… did they have to… uhmm whats the word. ANIMATE!! that its. did they have to animate that character? i thought that was way to hard to do though?

    • Pre-rendered cutscene. You can animate women in a movie. You can’t animate women with an engine.

    • Yawwwwn. Really?

      Do you have any idea the amount of time it takes to do the animations for a main character in the asscreed series? The THOUSANDS of animations, rigging requirements for procedural fluid movement? No? Well I do. And you have no idea how ignorant you are when you bring that stupid PC bullshit girl argument up. The main character is a dude – get over it or play tomb raider. Over entitled ass.

      Could they bind a model to the existing skeletal model of the male? Of course. But it is a nuanced performance by mail actors, and they are going for a triple a next gen title. Why didn’t naughty dog just re-use Joels animations for LOU on ellie? Um maybe because they were going for something special. If you want to play a girl so bad make a game yourself and see how hard it is. Especially at the fidelity they are hitting. You have no idea.

  • Every once in a while I dig me some Woodkid, he still sounds amazing when paired with the Assasin’s Creed series.

  • So keen for this. I’ve enjoyed most of the Assassins Creed games to date, not at all invested in the overall story, way prefer the range of historical dates and locations they span across. As long as they keep recreating these moments in history, they can keep the series up indefinitely and count on my purchase.

  • That sent me off on a bit of a fantasy about Ubi hiring Woodkid to write the whole score for an Assassins Creed game. It would be a thing of beauty.

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