Civilisation V Mod Kicks Corrupt FIFA In The Nuts

Civilisation V Mod Kicks Corrupt FIFA In The Nuts

Modder Steph, bummed as the rest of us are that the World Cup is over, decided to keep the fires burning by making a FIFA mod for Civilisation V. One that, despite the limitations of the host game, is one of the smartest attacks on the corrupt and generally awful FIFA (at least in terms of video games) that I’ve ever seen.

The mod, called FIFA World Cup Host Resolution, is fairly simple in its execution. It becomes something that can be proposed at the World Congress, and if passed all players can try and “build” it, much like they do with the existing World Fair or International Games.

The joy is in the elegance of its implementation. The difference here is that if you “win” this race, with your production counted as bribes, the event doesn’t take place right away. You’ve got years to get ready, so to help you out there’s a new unit: the migrant worker, which is “half the price of the regular worker and can only be bought.”

With additional movement, they are willing to work long hours without food or water. You hold their passports and salaries so they will never stray — if they run too far from your territory and the heat doesn’t kill them, there are literally countless afflictions and human rights abuses that will! They are the foundation on which your brand new stadiums rest on — or at least their bodies will be. But don’t worry when they perish, with 1.4 million units to choose from, it’s a never ending supply of cheap labour!

You also get a free settler who can venture forth with your migrant workers and build a new settlement just for the tournament. Oh, and the minuscule benefit you receive from winning the right to host (just 20 g0ld!) is dwarfed by the cost of staging the Cup.

If this all sounds random, know it’s basically the story of the very real, and very depressingQatar 2022 World Cup, from the migrant workers to the new cities.

FIFA World Cup Host Resolution [Steam Workshop]


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